Off Campus Vendors

Off-campus vendors are businesses located outside of the Northeastern campus. Vendors selling food and beverage will deduct Dining Dollars first and/or look for Husky Dollars second to pay for goods. Vendor's not selling food and beverages will look for Husky Dollars only. You can always ask the manager or look for the Husky Card stickers in the establishment if you are uncertain of which Dollars are accepted. Below is a list of all current off-campus Husky Card vendors, please be advised that this list can change daily:

Restaurants, Markets, and Cafés (Dining Dollars and Husky Dollars)

Amelia’s Taqueria 309 Huntington Ave 617.266.0040
Boston Burger 1100 Boylston St 857.233.4560
Boston Shawarma315 Huntington Ave 617.670.0460
Boston House of Pizza 305 Huntington Avenue 617.266.4605
Cappy’s Corner 90 Westland Ave 617.247.8814
Cappy's Pizza & Subs 82 Westland Avenue 617.247.8801
Chicken Lou's 50 Forsyth Street 617.859.7017
College Convenience 281 Huntington Avenue 617.267.2009
Conor Larkin's Grill and Tap 329 Huntington Avenue 617.867.0084
Dunkin Donuts 283 Huntington Avenue 617.267.0357
Domino's 1260 Boylston St 617.424.9000
Domino's 1400 Tremont St 617.541.3525
Giovanni's Grocery 624 Columbus Avenue 617.267.5527
Papa John's 971 Tremont St 617.904.7272
Pho & I 267 Huntington Avenue 617.262.0011
Shaw's Market 53 Huntington Avenue 617.262.4688
Shaw's Market 33 Kilmarnock Street (near Fenway) 617.267.4684
Sweet Caroline’s Modern Kitchen & Bar1260 Boylston St 617.424.1260
Symphony Market 291 Huntington Avenue 617.437.7907
Temptations Café 313 Huntington Avenue 617.266.6080
University House of Pizza 452 Huntington Avenue 617.442.9280
Uno Chicago Grill 280 Huntington Avenue 617.424.1697
Whole Foods Market 15 Westland Ave 617.375.1010
Wings Over Boston 325 Huntington Ave 617.266.9464

Services (Husky Dollars only)

617Taxi 617.829.4222
Boston Cab 617.536.5010
CVS 231 Massachusetts Avenue 617.266.6775
ITOA Taxi 617.338.8294
Metro Cab 617.782.5500
Museum of Fine Arts (undergraduate students only)
465 Huntington Avenue