Becoming a Vendor

First off, what is the Husky Card?

The most basic function of the Husky Card is its use as an identification card for all Northeastern University students, faculty and staff.  However, it is much more than that.  It can function like a debit card, in which users put money into their Husky Card account and use their card at participating area businesses as they would any bank-issued card.  Users can add money on the card in several convenient ways via checks, credit card payments, payroll deductions or by including extra funds with their tuition payments to apply towards the balance on their card.  Both parents and students enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that money can be transferred to a Husky Card with just a phone call.  Students benefit from not having to carry cash around.  Faculty and staff have also begun using their Husky Cards as well, finding it a great way to budget their weekly lunch expenses.  Currently there are over 10,000 Husky Card users!

Why become a Husky Card vendor?

What are the costs of becoming a Husky Card vendor?