Laundry Bucks

What are Laundry Bucks?

Northeastern University offers all students living in “on-campus housing”, complimentary Laundry Bucks. Laundry Bucks can be used in any residence hall laundry room for both wash and dry. Laundry Bucks are intended to make doing your laundry quick and easy and should help to avoid the carrying of cash. 

Laundry Bucks Allocation

Students living in on-campus housing receive $45 in Laundry Bucks per semester. Students living in Northeastern leased property will receive $45 in Husky Dollars. Students living in a leased property building should check with their RA's or RD's for which residence hall laundry room they are permitted to use. The $45 is equivalent to 15 washes and 15 dries. Unlike Print Bucks, Laundry Bucks will rollover from semester to semester. Whatever amount of Laundry Bucks you have on your account will stay on your account until August when all Laundry Bucks will be removed and refreshed with the $45 for the Fall semester.

Quick Facts