Gym Access

Northeastern Recreation

The Husky Card is used for access to all three recreation facilities on campus, The Marino Center, The Cabot Center and the Badger & Rosen Center (Squashbusters). Access to these facilities is based on student status or annual membership fees. Please visit for more information on fees, building hours, programs and more.

Who receives automatic gym access?

Who can choose to opt-in and pay a recreation fee?

If you would like to opt-in and pay the recreation fee, please fill out the Recreation Fee Request Form.

Full-time benefits eligible faculty/staff

Full-time benefits eligible faculty and staff must pay an annual fee through payroll deduction. To enroll in this plan, please visit your myNEU account and under the Services and Link’s tab, click the “Campus Recreation Membership Payroll deduction” link.

Please be advised that if you are enrolled in classes as an employee, you do not receive student benefits. You must register and pay the annual fee as an employee.

Who can choose to pay an annual access membership fee?

The following need to sign-up at the Marino Center:

Recent Alumni

There is often a grace period for recent alumni, please check for details on how to sign-up and see other discounts that may be available for you.

No Access

If you have withdrawn from Northeastern or are on a medical/personal leave of absence you will lose your gym access, no exceptions.

Note: Northeastern recreation staff has the right to deny gym access to any person for any reason they deem necessary. Please keep in mind that gym access is a privilege and failure to adhere to the recreation guidelines could result in the loss of facility access.