What are Husky Locks? 

Northeastern is currently in the process of converting all offline and key entry locks to new online, wireless locks! For more information be sure to check out the Husky Locks page.

Why is there a $25 Husky Card replacement fee?

The $25 replacement fee is implemented to help cover the costs of Husky Card production. All replacement fees go towards the purchasing of new cards, ink, and laminate.

If I get a replacement Husky Card, will everything still work on it immediately?

Your meal plan, Laundry Bucks, Husky Dollars, Dining Dollars, Text Bucks and access to your residence hall will work immediately. Your Print Allowance will activate within one hour after your card is printed. It also takes 24 hours for the parking garages to receive your new card information. Please notify the Husky Card staff if you parked in a university owned garage prior to getting a replacement Husky Card.

Will my Husky Card work after graduation?

No, your Husky Card will be deactivated and you will need to sign-up for an Alumni Husky Card after you graduate from Northeastern.

What does an Alumni Husky Card do?

An Alumni Husky Card allows you access to the Snell Library and the ability to use Husky Dollars remaining on your account. If you sign-up for an Alumni gym membership, it will also grant you access to the Marino Center.

Do I have to give you my old or broken card when I get a new one?

We strongly recommend that you trade-in your old Husky Card at the time of a new one being printed. Old Husky Cards will not work and Husky Card Services is not responsible for any misuse of old cards.

What happens if I lose my Husky Card and money has been spent on it?

As soon as you realize or think you’ve lost your Husky Card, immediately mark your card lost through the Husky Card Preferences tab on your myNEU. Also notify NUPD at 617-373-2121. If you believe your card has been fraudulently used, you must open a police report with NUPD before any reconciliation can take place.

When does my Print Allowance expire?

The Printing Allowance is based on an academic year beginning Fall semester and ending after the Summer 2 semester. Each student, no matter when they start, will receive $120 which will be refreshed prior to the start of the Fall semester. Once the funds are gone, they are gone until the start of the following academic year.

When do my Laundry Bucks expire?

Laundry Bucks are refreshed on a semester to semester basis. Each student living on-campus will receive $45 in Laundry Bucks. If the allotted $45 in Laundry Bucks is not used before the end of the semester, the remaining balance will carry over and be added to your next semester’s $45. Laundry Bucks will be restarted prior to the Fall semester.

Can I have more than one Husky Card?

No. Students, faculty and staff are only able to have one active Husky Card at a time.

What do I do if I was overcharged at a vendor?

If you find a discrepancy in your Husky Card account, you must discuss the discrepancy with a manager at the location where the transaction took place. If the issue is not resolved, please contact HuskyCard@neu.edu and we will work with the vendor to help resolve the issue.

How long does it take for Husky Dollars to become active once added?

Once Husky Dollars have been added through your myNEU portal, they will be available immediately.

What is the Server URL on the MobileID app?

The Server URL is huskycardcenter.neu.edu.

What number do I text if I want to use the text message feature?

Text "Open MyDoor" to 67513.

Do you utilize social media?

Yes! Follow us on Twitter @NUHuskyCard and "Like" our Facebook page at Husky Card Services!