The Northeastern Husky Card is the official identification card of Northeastern University. The Husky Card is issued to students, faculty, staff, alumni, contractors, conference attendees, orientation attendees and more. Along with identification, the Husky Card is also used for building/dorm access, parking, laundry, printing, vending, off- and on-campus vendors, dining services, library book check-out, discounts and more!

The Husky Card can also be used as a debit card! When you add money to your Husky Dollar account, you will be able to pay for food and services at many locations in and around the University. Please note that no cash withdrawals are permitted with a Husky Card.

Husky Cards are considered a valid form of identification in Massachusetts. A government issued photo ID must be presented at the time of receiving your Husky Card. Failure to comply with the policies of the University or the Husky Card Office may result in judicial action.

There is a $25 nonrefundable fee to replace a lost or stolen Husky Card. The fee will be billed to your tuition account, or you can make the payment at the Student Financial Services Office, located in 354 Richards Hall. If you choose to pay in advance, please bring the receipt to the Husky Card Office, located at 4 Speare Commons, to obtain your new Husky Card.

If your Husky Card is broken, you may exchange the card for a new one free of charge provided you submit your broken card at the time you request the replacement card. Submitting the broken card at a later time will not entitle you to a reversal of prior card-replacement charges. Students who submit a broken card without the number on the card are not eligible for a free replacement card.