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Why is there a $25 Husky Card replacement fee?
The $25 replacement fee is implemented to help cover the costs of Husky Card production. All replacement fee’s go towards the purchasing of new cards, ink, and laminate.

If I get a replacement Husky Card, will everything still work on it immediately?
Your meal plan, Laundry Bucks, Husky Dollars, Dining Dollars and access to your residence hall will work immediately. Print bucks will take up to one hour to update.  Also, it takes 24 hours for the parking garages to receive your new card information. Please notify the Husky Card staff if you parked in a garage prior to getting a replacement Husky Card.

Will my Husky Card work after graduation?
No, your Husky Card will be deactivated and you will need to sign up for an Alumni Husky Card after you graduate from Northeastern.

What does an Alumni Husky Card do?
An Alumni Husky Card allows you access to the Snell Library and the ability to use Husky Dollars remaining on your account. If you sign-up for an alumni gym membership, it will also grant you access to the Marino Center.


New Husky Lock Project!

Northeastern is excited to announce the completion of Phase I of the New Husky Lock Project.  Approximately 4000 new online locks were installed this summer on residence hall bedrooms, suites and apartment doors. Watch the videos on the Husky Locks web page to see how you can manage your Husky Card Services online and on your smart phone and for more information.