Training & Outreach

The following is a list of selected training materials for law enforcement and movies/short films about human trafficking. If you have suggestions for additional materials that you would like posted on this page please feel free to contact us at

43 Days
43 Days is a provocative short film that takes a hard look at the dangers of becoming a runaway, particularly the risk of sexual exploitation of teen girls by ruthless pimps. This narrative film, loosely based on actual events, follows the ordeal of a teenage girl who makes an impulsive decision to run away from her group home. It relays the hazards of the street and the desperate choices that a child may feel forced to make when hungry and homeless. 43 Days is a powerful educational tool for teachers, social workers, police officers, parents and teenagers.

Best Practice: Law Enforcement Manual for Fighting Against Trafficking of Human Beings
Manual offering tools, objectives and training guidelines for law enforcement.

Cargo: Innocence Lost
The compelling documentary unveils the dark underworld of sex trafficking through compelling interviews with some of the country’s top officials on the subject, victims’ advocates and victims themselves, who were rescued in Texas.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: How to Identify America’s Trafficked Youth
A 25-minute training video on the trafficking of US Citizen children into the commercial sex industry. Video includes interviews with law enforcement officers, social service providers, state and federal prosecutors, judges and survivors.

Dying to Leave
A reprise of one of last season’s most significant films, Dying to Leave explores the current worldwide boom in illicit migration and human trafficking. Every year, an estimated two to four million people are shipped in containers, shepherded through sewage pipes, secreted in car chassis, and ferried across frigid waters. Others travel on legitimate carriers but with forged documents. An alarming number of these migrants end up in bondage, forced to work as prostitutes, thieves, or as laborers in sweatshops. By listening to the voices of those who pulled up their roots and risked all, the film puts a human face on what might otherwise be seen as statistical, overwhelming and remote, and reveals the circumstances that drove these migrants from their homes, the difficulties involved in their epic journeys, and what awaits them in their new world.

Facts about Human Trafficking
Includes General information including facts, impact, and updates about Human Trafficking

Fields of Mudan
A young Asian girl, Mudan, is forced into modern day slavery by a brutal child brothel owner. Mudan soon befriends another young girl in the brothel, and starts dreaming of a better life with her mother in America.

Guides for developing a training program
This is a guideline for creating training materials on trafficking. Provides a number of links and useful tips for training programs and sessions, such as organizing a workshop, tips for facilitation, preparing structure and guidelines, and different training methods.

Law Enforcement Toolkit on Trafficking in Persons
The Law Enforcement Toolkit is designed to assist law enforcement in understanding trafficking in persons in the United States, the legal framework, the role of different agencies, and effective strategies for investigation and prosecution. The Toolkit also will provide a list of resources to assist law enforcement, including referrals to specialized service providers for victims of the crime.

Look Beneath the Surface: Role in Law Enforcement Officers in Identifying and and Helping Victims of Human Trafficking
Power point for understanding the role of law enforcement officers in regards to identifying and communicating with victims, as well as common myths associated with human trafficking.

Svetlana’s Journey
The movie is a gruesome look into the life of a 13 yr. old Bulgarian girl sold into prostitution by her adopted parents. She was tortured, manipulated, and abused by the pimp couple. Young Sveti became an empty shell, used 15 times a day by various gentleman buyers. Her dignity, dreams, and hopes to live were all stripped from her. Faced with the knowledge that she was sold to this family for many years, she did the unthinkable to release herself from the dark forces that entered her life. Svetlana’s Journey was made to show society that the victims of forced prostitution are not the ones to be blamed for their fate and that human trafficking can happen to anyone, anywhere. It was also made to educate high-risk girls about human trafficking and to change the mind of any young girl who is considering getting involved in this industry.

The Crime of Human Trafficking: A law Enforcement Guide to Identification and Investigation
A guidebook for law enforcement officers that includes: defintions, distinctions between trafficking and smuggling, dynamics of trafficking, traumatic effects of victims, strategies for victim identification, methods for effective response and investigation, legal assistance information and visa provisions.

Trafficking in Persons
The packet has sections on Trafficking in Persons; How to Identify a Trafficked Person; Steps to take if you suspect trafficking; Benefits Eligibility for Trafficking Victims; Do victims of trafficking have rights as crime victims?; Is assistance available to immigrant victims?; Are there immigration remedies for victims of trafficking?; Are there civil remedies for victims of trafficking?

Training Manual for Combatting Trafficking in Women and Children
The manual is an outcome of a training exercise on trafficking carried out in Myanmar in March 2001. The manual has two parts. Part one provides background material essential for understanding the issue of trafficking. Part two brings to life the concepts and theories presented in the first part by breaking them down and putting them into chunks of related activities.