Internal Transfers

Students, currently enrolled in NEU’s undergraduate day program, interested in switching their major to Human Services need to meet with an advisor and acceptance into the major will be based on meeting the program’s criteria for admission.

Program of Study Petition

Progress in the Major

After four semesters, students must have an acceptable cumulative grade average, have earned at least 64 semester hours, and should have completed: Introduction to Human Services Professions; Human Services Counseling; Introduction to Sociology and any two of the following: Introduction to Psychology; an approved Policy course; an approved Research course; an approved Organization course and at least one specialization course (see an advisor).

Students who transfer into the major have two semesters to complete the above requirements. Students whose GPA remains below 2.5 for 20 semester hours beyond the above checkpoints will be dismissed from the major.

In order to take Human Services Internship (HUSV 4940), student must be a junior in good standing, have a grade point average of at least 2.5 in Human Services courses, and be making satisfactory progress as described above.

Students must have permission from the Internship Coordinator at least one semester prior to the semester they wish to take the Internship Course. It is recommended that students take internship the Spring of their Junior year or the Fall of their Senior year.