Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Forums

In a series of meetings, each featuring graduate student guest speakers, this forum provides the opportunity for students from across disciplines to share their work with one another. These forums are intended to bring together graduate students from all academic disciplines at Northeastern University to create a collaborative and interdisciplinary intellectual community. The forums provide a unique opportunity to expand research through collaborative processes and to discuss approaches to research through a variety of methodological and theoretical frameworks.

Past Presentations

Mladen Mrdalj (Political Science):  “The Construction of Croatian National Identity:

Implications for Understanding Ethnic Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia”

Samantha Christiansen (History):  “Rights and Representation: Human Rights and Oral History in Practice in Bangladesh”

Jolie Baumann (Psychology):  “Emotion Guided Threat Detection: Expecting Guns

Where There Are None”

Leandra Smollin (Sociology):  “It takes so much…”: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and

Transgender Adolescents’ Reflections on Queer Dating Culture, Romantic Relationships, and Dating Violence”

Lisa Grandquist (Law and Public Policy):  “Accelerated Erosion and Sea Level Rise, The Case for Adaptive Policies”

Erin Hoffer (Law and Public Policy): “The Response of Capital Investmen Decision-Makers to Green Building Policy Change”

A Robert Schleipman (Law, Policy & Society): “Diversity of Clinical Research Participation: Moving from Disparities to Discoveries”

Sandra Arevalo (Sociology):  “Interplay between Social-structural Conditions & Self-esteem: A Multi-level Analysis among Blacks, Latinos and Asians”

Lana Cook (English): ‘”All in the game”: Value and HBO’s The Wire

Autumn Mathias (Sociology): “The “Supply” of Sex Trafficking in India and Barriers to Reintegration: Globalization, Fundamentalist Discourse, and the State”

Yingchan Zhang (Sociology): “The Experiences of Immigrant Nurses in Lowell, MA: A Case Study”

Joshua Sooter (History): ‘”We Must Know of Them”: Christian Missionaries’ Efforts to Know and Convert Chinese Muslims, 1910-1950″

Heather Browne (Political Science): “Nationalism, Education Reform & Rational Choice in Egypt in the 19th & 20th Centuries”

Katrina Uhly (Sociology): “Loosening the Foundations for Action: Feminist Theory and Sociology in the Academy”

Christopher Prener (Sociology): “Negotiation and Collaboration: The Contested Terrain of Emergency Medical Service Work”

Stephanie Boyle (History): “Medical Cosmopolitanism: Religion and Medical Collaboration in the Egyptian Delta City of Tanta in the late 19th Century”

Lisa Granquist (Law, Policy & Society): “Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and the Preservation of Massachusetts Coastal Communities.”

Michael Dedek (English): “Human as Environment, Environment as Human: the Lyric Speaker in Gary Snyder’s Early Poems.”

David Smith (Political Science): “Perceived Threats and the Integration of National Minorities.”

Stacy Fahrenthold (History): ‘”We Bring to America Our Great Heritage”: The Syrian and Lebanese Civilizing Mission in the United States, 1905-1935.”

Liana J. Pennington (Law, Policy, & Society): “Legal Consciousness in Juvenile Delinquency Court: Understanding the Experiences of Parents and Youth

Rachel Gillett (History): “Biguines and Banana Skirts: Race, Jazz, and Gender in Interwar Paris”

Tej Kumar Karki (Law, Policy, & Society): “Should Planners Join Politics?”

Julie Hall (Communication Studies): “Talkin’ About My Regeneration: PUtting the People into Planning”

Estye Fenton (Sociology): “Ideologies of Mothering and Women’s Labor Force Participation”

Jen Sopchockchai (English): “The Textual Absence and Cinematic Presence of Romance in The Lord of the Rings and Prince Caspian”

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