Agro-Environmental Public Health

Date: April 07, 2014
Time: 3 - 4:15 p.m.
Location: 310R Renaissance Park

Northeastern Humanities Center – Collaborative Research Clusters

Presented by the “Feeding Boston” Research Cluster

Agro-Environmental Public Health: Characterizing the Uptake of Trace Elements by Urban and Rural Grown Produce

Thursday, April 7, 2014

3:00 – 4:15 p.m.

310R Renaissance Park

Monica Ramirez-Andreotta

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

In 2008, 36 million households participated in food gardening, with an average contact time of 5 hours per week, and 1 million participated in community gardening (National Gardening Association, 2009). Unfortunately, soils have been the repository of society’s wastes, can be a sink for pollutants and metals (e.g. lead and arsenic), and may pose a threat to public health. In this talk, I discuss soil quality, the uptake of trace elements by commonly grown vegetables in urban community and rural home gardens, and how these values compare to store bought produce. I will conclude with examples describing community engagement, methods to promote public participation in environmental research projects, and recommended best practices for gardening.

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