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Our lab is interested in the interactions among the numbers and identity of species, the genetic individuals that make up those species, and the ecosystem services that they provide.  We use a combination of lab and field experiments, molecular techniques, and data synthesis to understand the consequences of changes in marine biodiversity.


Marine biodiversity and conservation

Lab News:

February 2014

Randall heads back to FL soon for several fun field excursions leading up to the premiere of Oyster Doctors, the new documentary on David and Randall’s NSF-funded research.  If you’re in the area, come join us!  Check out the blog for more info.

Randall’s paper with Katie Lotterhos on fine-scale genetic diversity in Spartina alterniflora is available in Marine Ecology Progress Series.

January 2014

The recent cold snap in FL left our marsh experiment coated in ice!

Team Oyster has a paper in Oecologia on geographic patterns in pea crab infection of oysters.

December 2013

Check out Forest’s post on the TIDE blog!

November 2013

Randall and Althea’s paper with Dr. Mike Piehler on Spartina, fiddler crabs, and mussels is online at Oikos (and also highlighted on the Oikos blog). Thanks to Tanya for the awesome Fig. 1!

There was snow in the marsh yesterday when we went to sample our experiment!  Brrr...

September 2013

Forest Schenck and Torrie Hanley have joined the Hug-bro lab at Northeastern.  Welcome!

August 2013

Robyn’s study on the effects of snails on Spartina reproductive stems is out in Marine Ecology Progress Series.  Nice work, Robyn!


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