The Hughes Lab


Our lab is interested in the interactions among the numbers and identity of species, the genetic individuals that make up those species, and the ecosystem services that they provide.  We use a combination of lab and field experiments, molecular techniques, and data synthesis to understand the consequences of changes in marine biodiversity.


Marine biodiversity and conservation

Lab News:

September 2014

Good luck to Jeanne and Forest as they embark on the great Phragmites Road Trip of 2014!

Randall and David’s collaboration with Melanie Bishop and Paul Gribben in Australia is out in MEPS.

Welcome to Robyn and Harriet to the Hug-bro lab!

Many thanks to our NEU summer interns - Joe, Anne, Claudia, John, and Angelina - for their hard work! We’re excited to have Anne stick around for the fall, and to welcome Sarah to the lab!

July 2014

Robyn’s marsh research was featured in The Star in Port St. Joe!

Forest, Brianna, and Luke (Grabowski lab) were pictured on the front page of the Boston Globe!

The Globe also did a great article on our recent crab research.

June 2014

Randall and David’s study showing mud crabs can hear has been published in ProcB! You can check out more here, here, and here.

The ZEN project has started!  Welcome to Jen (SDSU) and Danielle (VIMS) who will be helping us all month.

May 2014

Randall and Torrie had a great visit with Kitty Gehring at NAU before heading to the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Portland, OR.

Welcome to the Hug-bro summer interns!  Joe, Anne, and Angelina joined us this month, and we are so glad to have their help!

The Team Oyster paper led by David is out in Ecology Letters!  Check out the NEU article about it here.


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