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Current Ventures

Our portfolio includes ventures in the medical device, biotechnology, and consulting fields.
Below is a sampling of some of our current ventures.

Andros Robotics

AndrosRobotics LLC is a spinoff company from the Biomedical Mechatronics Laboratory at Northeastern University. We are currently working on commercializing our gait rehabilitation robotic device.

Bike Beacon

TAVANA delivers the Bike-Motor Vehicle (MV) communication technology to increase drivers’ awareness and promote cyclists’ safety. This technology will reduce the number of bike accidents and result in lower medical costs as well as higher life quality for the constituents. TAVANA promotes safety, health, economy, and sustainability and plans to scale its technology for pedestrian, motorcycle, and car communications. Its first product is the BIKE BEACON.


Biolom, LLC produces revolutionary biosensors for diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. Their state-of-the-art technology combines standard semiconductor fabrication techniques with nanotechnology, resulting in low-cost micron-scale biosensors.

Bionet Sonar

BioNet Sonar is developing ultrasonic wireless networking technology to connect implantable and wearable medical cyber devices. Our platform technology can be used in medical implants as diverse as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, insulin pumps, pressure sensors, and neurostimulators. A new generation of wearable and implantable medical systems can be powered by our technology for better health monitoring and assisted living.


The inspiration for CleriCare came from watching loved ones struggle with the challenge of managing their own care as they aged. Medication compliance — taking the right medication at the right time, every time — can dramatically improve quality of life and lower healthcare costs. Medication mistakes take a huge toll on patients, families, and our society.

Healthcare Accreditation Resources LLC

Healthcare Accreditation Resources LLC is one of the leading firms of consultants in the assessment and management of healthcare safety and environmental risks.We help develop, implement, and maintain health and safety compliance programs for medical practices, dental practices, and clinical laboratory settings.

Nightingale Apps

Nightingale Apps is a health information technology company offering mobile applications to nurses working in hospital settings. We are focused on improving the quality of information needed for the care of hospitalized patients. By improving the efficiency and accuracy of information flow, the health care team can provide timely access to care and improve the safety and patient-centeredness of delivered care. The initial patent-pending product, Know My PatientTM, supports nurses with the information needed for care from the beginning through the end of their day.


Combining “perfect” and “match”, Perfetch is dedicated to creating solutions that perfectly match our customers’ needs. Perfetch LLC is a premiere leader in bringing 3-D scanning technology to the health and fitness industry. Precise measurement accuracy and rapid speed of the scanning process are key performance differentiators from any other system being released on the market. Perfetch is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art technology with the highest possible customer value.

Quad Technologies

QuickGel, a product of Quad Technologies, is an unique dissolvable hydrogel which contains covalently bound antibodies or proteins at the users choosing.

  • Chemistry can be tailored towards proteins, antibodies, or aptamer
  • Minimizes non-specific binding
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Dissolvable Coating: Easily Removed

In the United States alone, there are 2.5 Million Americans with severe speech impairments many of whom rely on computerized voices to express themselves. Yet many of them use the same voices as there are only a few options. That’s tens of millions of people world wide using generic voices.

VocaliD creates custom crafted synthetic voices by combining the recipient’s residual vocal abilities with an anatomically similar voice donor’s speech database. The result is a voice that sounds like the recipient in age, personality and vocal identity but is as clear and understandable as the donor’s speech.

Zephyr Energy

Zephyr Energy Corporation is an alternative energy company that aims to revolutionize windenergy harvesting with its non-rotating wind-energy generator technology. An engineering capstone project by Tom Olsen, ME’11, supervised by Professor Mo Taslim, the generator’s groundbreaking design makes it more versatile as an option for the military, commercial, humanitarian, and scientific sectors.