Northeastern at the YMCA

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Location: Residance is on the 6th and 7th floor of the YMCA building. There is a gym located on the ground floor as well as classrooms. The YMCA is the oldest YMCA in the country and convienently located on Huntington Avenue near restaurants, academic buildings and the Stetson East (Levine Marketplace) and Stetson West.

Apartment Types: All single bedrooms (private suites, and semi-private suites)

Bedroom Types:

Standard single bedrooms 

Security: Proctor coverage or secured entryways 24 hours per day

Connections: Husky Cable, and ResNet, Landline available through Verizon

Lounges: TV lounges

Enhanced apartments: None

Standard apartments:  Include bedroom(s), and bathroom

Economy apartments: None

Mail delivery: ResMail, available in 319 Huntington

Laundry facilities: Yes, available in 319 Huntington

Vending machines: Yes

Elevator: Yes

Window shades: Yes

Furniture provided: Bed, desk and chair, dresser for each resident; carpeting.

The following images are here to represent examples of the room types in the above mentioned building. They are in no way the only room types present in the building, and are not architectural drawings.