Current 2nd Year + Students

Application Process

You must apply for eligibility in the upperclass housing selection process. Please note: Current second, third and fourth year students are not guaranteed housing.

1.   Log onto MyNEU and click the Self Service tab.  This will bring you to the Housing Application for 2015-2016 link.

2.   In order to submit your housing application you must complete the following:

  • Step 1: Accept the terms and conditions of the 2015-2016 License Agreement.
  • Step 2: Complete the 2015-2016 Housing Application.
  • Step 3: Be sure to confirm all information. 

3.   Should you need to make any changes to your housing application you will be permitted to add a semester to your application, change any roommate requests or themed housing preferences prior to January 21, 2015. 

Lottery Number Notification

Current second, third and fourth year students are randomly selected to receive either a lottery number or a wait list number. If you apply with a mutual roommate set, all members of the group will receive an individual lottery number OR all will receive an individual wait list number.

Housing & Residential Life will e-mail your individual lottery or wait list number the week of February 2, 2015. Should you be randomly selected to receive a lottery number, the housing deposit is due by February 17, 2014 at noon. You will receive further information in the notification mailing about submitting your housing deposit and when you are scheduled to participate in Housing Selection.

If you receive a wait list number, you will receive information in the notification mailing about the wait list process and off-campus housing alternatives.

Housing Selection and Placement

Current second, third and fourth year students who receive a lottery number, will be scheduled to select their space on-line starting February 23, 2015. At the time you are scheduled to select your room, you and your roommate set (if applicable) will make your Fall 2014 room selection from the spaces that are available at your scheduled time.

More specific instructions will be included in the notification sent in February.

Deposit Information

Current second, third and fourth year students can submit a housing application on-line at prior to 11:59pm EST on January 11, 2015. Since current second, third and fourth year students are not guaranteed housing, you will either receive a lottery or waitlist number. Students who receive a lottery number will be required to submit a deposit by February 17, 2015 at noon in order to secure a place in the selection process.

The housing deposits are:  $200 for Fall and $200 for Spring.  Students must deposit for each semester in which they wish to live on campus during the 2015-2016 academic year. 

For example:        Fall ($200) + Spring ($200) = $400

Please note that if you contract with an outside vendor to pay University bills (i.e., AMS Payment Plan), this payment plan WILL NOT cover housing deposits, so you will be responsible for paying these deposits for the semesters you request.  If additional semesters of housing are requested after January 21, 2015, housing deposits will only be accepted on a space-available basis. 

Summer Session Deposit Information: 

Housing for Summer I and II 2015 can be secured now by placing a deposit on the myNEU Portal. The deposit for Summer I is $200 and Summer II is $200 a total of $400 would be required to secure both sessions.

Cancellation Information

The University provides on-campus and leased accommodations that are assigned each semester. Students are billed at the beginning of each semester and are obligated to pay the full charge for the term. The dynamic nature of the co-op program makes it necessary for Housing & Residential Life to enforce its Cancellation Policy strictly. Housing confirmation letters are mailed each semester with a reminder that students must notify Housing & Residential Life if they do not plan to accept their assignment.


Failure to respond or to provide timely written notification of cancellation will result in a charge to students for their assigned space (i.e., if you are assigned to a room with a rate of $5,240 and you cancel your housing on 6/20/15, you will be assessed 50% of your room rate, which is ($2,620.00 - NOT 50% OF YOUR DEPOSIT for fall term). If the cancellation deadline has passed, students who can demonstrate a significant change in academic, co-op, financial, or personal circumstances may petition to have this fee waived. If you are assessed a cancellation fee, it will be posted to your account in Student Accounts at 354 Richards Hall typically after the second week of the semester in question.


To view the 2015-2016 Cancellation Schedule, click here.