FAQs for Current 2nd Year + Students

Am I guaranteed to receive a lottery number?
Current second, third and fourth year students are not guaranteed housing.  Students must apply on-line at myNEU.neu.edu by 11:59pm EST on January 21st for a chance to receive a lottery number.  Students who fail to submit a housing application by January 21st will automatically be placed on the wait list and will not be part of the Room Selection Process.  Students should be sure to keep their on-line application confirmation for their records.

How do I apply on-line?

1.   Log onto MyNEU and click the self Service tab.  This will bring you to the Housing Application for 2015-2016 link.
2.   In order to submit your housing application and deposit you must complete the following:
Step 1: Accept the terms and conditions of the 2015-2016 License Agreement.
Step 2: Complete the 2015-2016 Housing Application.
Step 3: Be sure to confirm all information. 
3.   Should you need to make any changes to your housing application you will be permitted to add a semester to your application, change any roommate requests or themed housing preferences prior to January 21, 2015.  If you wish to cancel a semester you must contact Housing & Residential Life prior to January 21, 2015.

What should I do if I am unsure of my housing plans for Fall 2015?
If you are unsure as to whether or not you will be living on campus for Fall 2015, Housing & Residential Life recommends that you apply and deposit anyway. Fall housing is limited and you may not be guaranteed a space if you do not apply and deposit on time. If your plans change you can cancel your housing with no penalty by May 15, 2016.

How do I know which semesters to apply for if I do not know my co-op plans for next year?
Regardless of which semester(s) you hope to live on campus during the 2015-2016 academic year, you must apply now.  If you receive a lottery number in January and do not pay a deposit for a specific semester, you are not guaranteed housing for that semester.  If you are unsure of your co-op plans for next year, apply for all semesters for which you may require housing.  You will not be penalized if you leave the Boston area (beyond Rt. 128) for co-op for a specific term as long as you cancel in writing and submit documentation from your co-op advisor.

How do I indicate the roommates I would like to apply with?
Question #4 of the on-line application will allow you to choose up to four roommates to be part of your roommate set.  You must enter each roommate's myNEU Login Name.  Only mutual requests will be valid.  You will be permitted to make changes to your roommate set on-line as many times as you need to prior to January 21st.

Do I need to submit a deposit if I am a 100% Academic or Athletic Scholarship Student?
Students with 100% scholarships must submit a housing application on-line, but do not need to submit a housing deposit.  However, 100% scholarship students MUST contact Housing & Residential Life in person at Speare Commons or by email at housing@neu.edu to have their housing deposits waived before the deadline.  Failure to contact Housing & Residential Life may result in the student being placed on a wait list.  Students on scholarship must submit deposits for any semesters and/or summer sessions that are not covered by your scholarship.

What if I am currently financially blocked?
If you currently have a financial block and/or are not in good standing with the University you will not be permitted to apply for housing and participate further in the Room Selection Process.  Be sure to stop by Student Central in 120 Hayden Hall to clear any blocks so that you may apply for housing by January 21st. If you are unable to clear your block by the deposit deadline, please contact Housing & Residential Life for assistance.

What if I am in need of a special housing accommodation?

Visit our Housing Accommodation Request page for more information

What if I do not have access to apply on-line?
If you do not have access to the internet you can use any of the internet-ready computers on campus or you can apply in person. If you would like to apply in person, please stop by Housing & Residential Life at Speare Commons or call 617-373-2814 (voice) or 617-373-4019 (TTY) for assistance.  Regardless of whether you apply on-line or in person, your application is due by noon on January 21st.

Am I able to make changes to my housing application once I submit it the first time?
You will be permitted to make three types of changes on-line prior to the January 21st deadline: 1) change your roommate set as many times as you need; 2) add a semester(s) to your application and 3) change any of your themed housing preferences.  However, if you wish to cancel a semester(s) you applied for, you must contact Housing & Residential Life prior to January 21st.

How are lottery numbers assigned?
Lottery numbers are randomly computer generated based on graduation year.  Randomly selected current 4th year + students will receive the "best" lottery numbers, followed by current 3rd year, current 2nd year and then all guaranteed 1st year students.

How are lottery numbers assigned for a group of roommates who have different graduation years?
Each roommate set (whether individual or multiple students) will be randomly selected either to be "eligible" to receive a lottery number (eligibility process) or "ineligible" and will receive a wait list number, providing all requests are mutual.  If the roommate set is randomly selected to become eligible to select housing, each person of the set will receive their own lottery number based on their year of graduation.

What if a member of my roommate set is guaranteed housing?
Applying with a guaranteed student does not guarantee that the entire set will receive a lottery number. Members of a roommate set who are not guaranteed may or may not receive a lottery number.

When will I find out if I have received a lottery number?
Your lottery or wait list number will be sent to your Husky e-mail during early February.  If you receive a lottery number, you will also receive detailed information about the process next steps.  If you receive a wait list number, you will receive information about the wait list process and off-campus housing resources.

What if I do not need to apply for Fall Semester, but I need housing beginning the Spring Semester 2016?
You must still apply for Spring by January 21st.  The room assignment process for students moving into housing in Spring 2016 is completed using a separate Housing Preference Form, which will be available on-line.  These forms will be used to determine the best assignment possible based on availability for the Spring Semester 2016.  Please note that due to limited space availability, roommate sets entering for the Spring may not always be accommodated.

Can I live on campus while on co-op?
Yes! As long as you apply and deposit on time, you are able to live on campus while you are on co-op.