Trailblazers LLC

If you believe students have the power to make the world a better place, the Trailblazers LLC is your new home! This LLC is a community of open-minded, progressive students who are interested in exploring who they are, learning from each other and celebrating diverse perspectives. You will collaborate with your fellow trailblazers to discover, inform and applaud the differences and similarities of race, culture, gender and sexual orientation. Fostering a greater cultural awareness, you will seek to embrace the diversity of the Northeastern population and strive to create a more inclusive residential experience. With Trailblazers, you will have the opportunity to take your passions and turn them into action!

Students will be encouraged to attend programs at the Social Justice Resource Center throughout the year to enhance their experience, as well as the cultural centers on campus.  Students will also be encouraged to participate in Safe Zone and Intergroup Dialogue training.

 Community Events Include:
  • PRIDE Week
  • Great Black Music, Great Black Musicians Series
  • Food Justice Documentary Series
  • “It Gets Better” @ Northeastern University
  • UNITE Retreat
  • Safe Zones training
  • Intergroup Dialogue training
  • Community Activism
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