Summer Housing

Northeastern Summer Housing

Are you planning on continuing a full or part-time course(s) or co-op during a summer term? Or working on/off campus through the summer months? If so, Northeastern University's housing staff can help you find open accommodations that fit your needs.

Summer housing at northeastern

The Summer Terms are open to a broader audience:

  • Full-time Northeastern students in classes or on co-op.
  • Full-time Northeastern students taking a part-time course load at Northeastern for the summer.
  • Full-time Northeastern students with the summer “off” who are working full-time (on or off campus) and wish to live on campus.
  • Non-Northeastern students who are taking 2 or more courses at Northeastern during the summer and who are listed under “Special Student” status.

To apply for Summer I, Summer II, or NUterm housing, please view the application process on this page.

For summer Move In-Out Information see below.

NUterm - Freshmen Summer i

All current Freshman who are registered for summer 1 classes are REQUIRED to live on campus.  Since students are required to stay on campus, no deposit is needed. Registered students will be able to choose their housing during NUterm Housing Selection in April.

How does NUterm Selection work?

NUterm 2016 Selection Guide

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current resident of Stetson East or Stetson West, your process is a little different. Review your NUterm selection email for more details.

Where will NUterm Housing be?

Building  Semi-Private Enhanced Single* Semi-Private Enhanced Double*
International Village $2,550*


*Semi-Private (suite style) Rooms REQUIRE a meal plan.


Unless you currently live in Stetson East/West your scheduled day to move from your Spring Assignment to your NUterm Assignment is, Sunday, May 8th:

  • For those who may need assistance with moving belongings, transportation support for your move will be available; you will be provided a specific pick-up/drop-off time (between 10:00am-3:00pm) from North Lot to International Village based upon your NUterm room assignment.
  • For those who want to move on their own, your move time on May 8th will be more flexible.  Move-out/move-in details were sent out the week of April 18th, including bins and bin-friendly maps.
    • Bin-friendly map from the first year area
      Map (fresh)
    • Bin-friendly map from East Village
      Bin-friendly map from East Village
  • Stetson East/West students: Please review your NUterm selection email for more details.

You do not need to move out in between Semesters.

For more information on the 2016 NUterm program, visit their website.


We have taken student feedback related to required moves from semester to semester seriously and have developed a summer assignment process designed to minimize the disruptions caused by multiple moves.


Applications are live now on your myNEU Housing Online. Filling out the application is not binding, so you need to pay a Housing Deposit by March 15th to secure their place in the room selection process. Deposits will be accepted after March 15th, but you will not be guaranteed to take part in the selection process. If you would like to receive email reminders about summer deadlines, please apply for summer housing.


If You Have a Spring 2016 in an Open Building

  •  If your Spring 2016 assignment is in a building that is designated open for the summer and you have paid the deposit prior to March 15th, we have assigned you to that space for the summer semester. You can view your assignment on Housing On-line in your 2015-2016 Room(mate) Information page. Additionally, you will be able to pull a friend into any vacancies in your room during the Pull-in Selection Process. To view the vacancies in your room, please review your roommate information for the summer on Housing Online to see who is booked to your apartment/suite.

Please note: If you have a compelling reason why your Summer I assignment is not in your best interest, you may contact us (

If You Do NOT Have a Spring 2016 Assignment in an Open Building

If your current on campus assignment is in a building scheduled to close for summer 2016 OR you are returning from being off campus during spring semester, you will need to take part in the Summer I Housing Selection process.

Summer I 2016 Selection Guide for Pull-in and General Selection

  • Pull-in Selection process: If you have a friend that will have a Summer I vacancy in their room or apartment within an open building, they may pull you in.
  • Group Selection – You will be able to select as a group and fill-in available apartments.
  • General Selection – You will be able to select as an individual, on your own, from all remaining vacancies.

Housing Assignment letters for Summer I semester will be e-mailed in early April.


Below is a tentative list of buildings that will be open for summer 2016. Buildings are subject to change prior to selection. The undergraduate and graduate rates reflect a single summer session and will be doubled for students who stay for BOTH summer sessions. Law rates are shown by quarter.

Building Enhanced Studio Single Enhanced Single Bedroom Enhanced Studio Double Enhanced Double Bedroom
768 Columbus (Law only) $4,030*
Davenport A Commons $3,103 $2,758
West Village A - South $3,103 $2,758
West Village B $3,103 $2,758
West Village C $3,103 $2,758
West Village E  $3,323* $3,103  $2,705 $2,758
Douglass Park** $3,103 $2,758

**UPDATE: Douglass Park has been added as of March 23rd. 

Building Standard Studio Single Standard Single Bedroom Standard Studio Double Standard Double Bedroom Economy Single Bedroom Economy Double Bedroom Economy Triple Bedroom
10 Coventry $3,240* $2,645 $2,068* $2,240
780 Columbus  $3,240*  $2,645  $2,240
The Fairwoods (319 Huntington) $2,068* $2,430  $1,938
407 Huntington $3,240* $2,240 $2,430 $1,938
Rubenstein  $2,068* $2,240 $2,430 $1,938  $1,678
335 Huntington (Law only)  $4,860*  $3,400
331 Huntington (Grad only)  $3,240* $2,430
309 Huntington (Grad Only) $2,430
311 Huntington (Grad Only)  $3,240* $2,430
315 Huntington (Grad Only)  $3,240* $2,430

*Standard studios and 768 Columbus do not have living rooms.

HOW DO I MOVE-IN/OUT of Summer Housing?

Students remaining in on campus housing from one semester to the next have a continuous contract.  Continuous contract students may remain on campus between semesters.  Current and future residence directors will reach out to students who need to move between semesters via their Husky email regarding the move-to-from process. More information can be found HERE.

Please note: There is no consolidation housing offered between the end of Summer II 2016 (August 23rd) and September 1st unless you are staying on campus for Fall 2016. If you are moving off campus at the end of Summer II, you must make the appropriate arrangements and secure your own space off campus at the start of August 1 (where you will qualify for proration) or by the final date of Summer housing on August 23rd. There are no exceptions as our Fall 2016 move-in cycle begins promptly after Summer II.

Final Spring to Summer I 2016 Bin Schedule (2)

What if I need an Air Conditioner Rental?

Air Conditioners will be available to students in buildings without central air for an additional fee.

  • Students selecting rooms eligible for an air conditioner will be informed on Housing Online during their selection time how to request and pay for an air conditioner.
  • Air conditioners are NOT available in rooms where the only window is a Fire Escape.

A/C rates for this Summer 2016 will be available shortly.

What If I am going on a dialogue Summer i?

Consolidation Housing is for you! Programs that leave a few weeks into summer session will be given a consolidated housing option for their short summer stay.