Petition Process

Do you wish to petition your cancellation fee or another housing charge?

Here is a brief out-line of the process.

1. Complete and submit this on-line form:
Official Petition Form 

2. Submit the form by pressing "Submit" at the end of your petition. You can also fax your supporting documents if you do not wish to upload them with your petition, to (617) 373-8794. Be sure to include a cover page with your NUID number and label it "Petition Information."

3. Once your petition is received you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

4. Your petition and all its supporting information will be forwarded to the Petition Committee. This committee meets weekly (on Thursdays) to review and process petition requests.

If your petition is received by 5:00PM on Wednesday, it will be reviewed with the current week's petitions. If it is received after that, it will not be reviewed until the following week.

5. If you are required to supply more information, you will receive an e-mail requesting additional information. You will have five (5) business days to respond with the appropriate information. If you cannot obtain the information within five (5) business days, please contact Luciana Jean-Mary.  Senior Assignment and Billing Coorindator for Housing Services at and request more time. If you fail to produce the requested information within five (5) business days your petition will be automatically DENIED and you will be removed from the petition process.

6. Once the committee has made a final decision you will receive e-mail notification of your result.

If no additional information is requested you will receive notification the Friday following your petition's review. If additional information is requested your notification will be with the following week's petitions.

If you have questions or concerns after a decision has been made please contact Luciana Jean-Mary.  Senior Assignment and Billing Coorindator for Housing Services at
PLEASE NOTE: Your advisor (Financial Aid, Study Abroad, Academic, or Co-op) cannot cancel your housing contract. YOU must request the cancellation by e-mail to Be sure you officially cancel your housing yourself at some point before or during the petition process.