NU Journeys (Program for Undeclared Students)

College is a time of exploration; so if you're still undecided about your major, consider the NU Journeys LLC your new home! This community will help you identify your strengths, interests, and possible career paths -- all steps toward settling into a major that is right for you. In addition to visits from Career Services and co-op panels, you will have the opportunity to work closely with the Program for Undeclared Students, Advisors, Peer Mentors and Residential Life Staff to help you discover the right academic journey for you.


 "I actually declared within the first two months, which was great.  I really like the environment.  Our RA is really terrific, she brought us together to discuss different options and it was just nice and comforting to realize we are all in the same boat together."- Eileen Rice, 2013

 Community Events Include:

  • Meet the Majors Fair
  • What’s in a Major Wednesdays?
  • Waiting for Superman Film Review
  • Undeclared Student Panel
  • True Colors-Personality Assessment & Major Pairing