Faculty Involvement

The Department of Residential Life sees the value of the interaction with students and faculty and thus has created multiple opportunities for out of classroom experiences with faculty and students. “The more students interact with faculty in a variety of formal and informal settings, the greater the degree of students will be committed to the institution” (Pascarella, 1980).

Not only does this type of involvement improve the experiences of students, but research has shown that faculty also have a lot to gain from these interactions. “Faculty tend to have a greater understanding of students’ needs, expectations, strengths and challenges to help guide faculty in the classroom when teaching and meeting with students about their academic expectations and challenges they may face” (Pascarella, 1975).

There are a number of opportunities for faculty to become more involved with students’ academic and personal experiences. Faculty of the Year 2012

Opportunities and Commitments

These opportunities and commitments can range from a simple one time in residence hall program to a field trip within the Boston area to a commitment of living in a residence hall as a Faculty in Residence (FiR). Faculty who participate can request to work with first year students only or second years and above. Outlined below are examples and time commitments for out of classroom interactions with faculty and students.

A 30 minute program:

  • Attend a program held in a residence hall
  • Take a coffee break with a resident or Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Hold a 30  minute office hour in one of the college affiliated Living Learning Communities

A 60 minute program:

  • Hold a faculty dinner
  • Facilitate a class review session or supplemental workshop
  • Facilitate a discussion about your research
  • Hold a 60 minutes office hour in one of the college affiliated Living Learning Communities

Over an hour:

  • Attend a field trip with residents to an event in the Boston Area (Freedom Trail tour; trip to the Museum of  Fine Arts; attend a performance at the Symphony)
  • Hold a weekly/bi-weekly book club
  • Become a Faculty in Residence ß link

There will always be a student staff member (Resident Assistant) or professional staff member (Residence Director) to help plan and facilitate programs.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved in the lives of our students outside of the classroom, please complete this quick interest survey or contact Kara Curcio, Assistant Director for Residential Life.

Example Programs:

Spooky Science w/ Professor Courtney PflugerDr. Pfluger

  • Dry ice and liquid nitrogen ice cream. “the interactive elements of our presentation had the students in awe and asking inquisitive questions” – RA, Jake Burrell

Meditation and Quality of Life w/ Professor Carey Nolan (Faculty in Residence ’09-’12)

  • A guided meditation session in the Scared Space

How to Run a Cookie Factory and Other Lessons from Professor Susan Freeman

  • Dr. Freeman led an interactive session with students, showing them how to run a cookie sandwich assembly line and creating competition between teams to see who can be the most efficient after a crash course in Industrial Engineering for non-engineers.

A Knice Knitting Class w/ Professor Ben Caras

  • Residents in the Creative Expressions LLC learned how to knit. “Faculty programs are fun!” – Melvin Hall resident