Leadership LLC

Discover and develop your style of leadership in the Leadership LLC. During the year, your experiences and conversations within your community will allow you to fine-tune your leadership skills and connect you to a powerful network of leaders at Northeastern. The Leadership LLC is divided into two tracks.

Leaders of the Pack:

Become the leader you always wanted to be and join your fellow Huskies in Leaders of the Pack track. Through academic, service, social, and community-based experiences, you will have the opportunity to cultivate the leader in you. This community will help you navigate your course as a leader at Northeastern by networking with faculty members and upperclassmen in leadership positions on campus and within the community.

Sports Leadership:

Do you have a passion for teamwork and athletics? By participating in the Sports Leadership track, you will identify your leadership style and strengths, and will gain an understanding of what it takes to build highly effective teams. Working in conjunction with Northeastern's renowned Sport in Society program, you will learn about group motivation, goal setting, and sports ethics from the Northeastern Athletics Department. Being part of this community is your opportunity to take your sports leadership skills to the next level.


 "Being apart of the leadership LLC is amazing. I enjoy living with people from various backgrounds that are all anxious to participate in new things, just like me!"
-Tyler Wong, leaders of the pack resident

 Community Events Include:
  • BLUEPRINT Course
  • Group Motivation & Athletics
  • Sports Ethics & Leadership
  • Trip Planning & Leadership
  • Dress Like a Leader Dinner
  • Campus Involvement Panel
  • True Colors: Defining Your Leadership Style
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