Global Frontiers LLC

At Northeastern we are proud to call ourselves a global university, full of diverse cultures, religions and ideologies. By joining this LLC, you will gain a deeper understanding of both your own culture and that of those around you. Through programs like international pop music night, ethnic cooking demonstrations, and cultural excursions around Boston, students in this community become more globally minded citizens. This enriching experience makes students more comfortable with world travel and prepares them to study abroad and participate in Dialogue of Civilizations and international co-ops.

"Though I am an International Affairs major, I admit that I often have to run to a map when my neighbors tell me where they come from. I have never had friends from Bangladesh, and previously thought that Kazakhstan was a fictional place that Borat called home. In the Global Frontiers LLC, I can learn about the cultures of my friends-which are incredibly different from mine. I go for dim sum with people from Hong Kong and discuss politics of the Middle East with my roommate from Dubai. The building is a tolerant atmosphere where all cultures are accepted and discussed, and I love to call this place home!"
- Hana Nobel, Global frontiers resident


Community Events Include:
  • Passport to the World
  • Healthy Me, Healthy You with Professor Wamai
  • International Game Night
  • International Pop Music Night
  • United Nations Trip
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