August 7th Chat

Here are some of the highlights from our chat session: (Remember these answers will be specific to Melvin, Kerr, 153 Hemenway, and Light Halls only)

Q. Are we allowed to have guests in our room?
A.  You are allowed 3 guests at a time and you must remain with them at all times.

Q. I was wondering if the rooms come with safes? When I was at orientation there were two safes in the room.
A. Not all rooms have safes in them, If your room has a safe, you will need to follow the instructions on it to set it up.

Q. I  have a question.. As I will be living in Kerr, while filling any forms that ask about "address" what should I write? I understood that no mail can be delivered?
A.  For mail, you should use your campus address. Mailbox information is available on MYNEU. All mail gets routed through ResMail.