August 6th Chat

Here are some of the highlights from our chat session: (Remember these answers will be specific to White, Smith and Kennedy Halls only)

Q. During orientation, there were safes in the rooms at Stetson West. Are there safes in every room?
A.  At the moment there are not safes installed in Smith Hall tho you are welcome to bring your own personal safe to campus.

Q. Are all rooms carpeted in Smith Hall?
A. Yes, White and Kennedy also have carpeting.

Q.  In Smith, what's in the lounges in the basement?
A.  LOUNGES: There are lounges on the ground floors of both Smith and Kennedy with TVs, lounge furniture and vending machines

Q. Where do you wash your dishes?
A. DISHES: Most students choose to wash their dishes in the bathrooms of the buildings. Just make sure to clean out the sinks before you leave. 

Q. Will a window fan fit in the windows in Smith?
A.  WINDOW FANS: Yes typical box fans fit in MOST residence halls on campus. As a matter of personal pref. I like Vornados

Q. What is the acceptable way to hang things on the walls?
A.  HANGING: You can hang posters/pictures on the wall but are responsible for any damage that is caused. Most students choose to use sticky tack and "3M Command" stuff

Q. Do many people bring TVs?  If so, what size?
A.  TVs: Yep, most students bring a TV. Just work with your roommate so you don't bring two. That'd be silly.

Q. Do we need to bring anything to cover the windows? Or are blinds/cover shade provided?
A.  SHADES: there are rolling shades provided in all student rooms but many students choose to bring curtains

Q. Can we keep our stuff in the dorm during winter break?
A.  CLOSING: Yes, once you're in your room you can keep your belongings in there until the end of the academic year (Late April) or until your choose to move out, whichever comes first.