August 6th Chat

Here are some of the highlights from our chat session:

Q. Are we allowed to have guests in our room?
A.  You are allowed 3 guests at a time and you must remain with them at all times.

Q. I was wondering if the rooms come with safes? When I was at orientation there were two safes in the room.
A. Not all rooms have safes in them, If your room has a safe, you will need to follow the instructions on it to set it up.

Q. I  have a question.. As I will be living in Kerr, while filling any forms that ask about "address" what should I write? I understood that no mail can be delivered?
A.  For mail, you should use your campus address. Mailbox information is available on MYNEU. All mail gets routed through ResMail.

Q. Do the rooms have mirrors?
A. Mirros are provided in the bathroom areas not the bedrooms.

Q. Do rooms have A/C?
A. The only first year hall that has air conditioning is International Village.