July 31st Chat

Here are some of the highlights from our chat session: (Remember these answers will be specific to Stetson East, Stetson West, and Speare Hall only)

Q. I have a question about mailing. If I want something to be mailed to me at Stetson West, does the sender only need the dorm's address and my name, or is there some kind of PO box that I have to use?
A. You need to wait to get your address. You will receive that 1 week before you arrive.

Q. Can you order the microfridge when school starts or do you need to order it a couple weeks in advanced?
A. Microfridges need to be ordered prior to arrival, there is no guarantee that they will have enough units if you want until after school starts.

Q. Is it better to just buy your own printer for the dorm room (vs. using the common printer)?  Where are the common printers located?
A. I would say that is buying vs. using a common printer is a personal choice.  I have not owned a printer in many years, even while attending graduate school.  I always used common printers.  There are many common printers in the library which has excellent hours!

Q. Can we request to have the beds "lofted" so the student sleeps above where the desk would be?  Or are risers the only option?
A. Beds in STE, STW, and SPR cannot be lofted. 

Q. Are there any activities during Welcome Week to meet the other LLC's in Stetson West?
A1. There will be activities in each first year building for Welcome Week that helps students meet their LLC mates.
A2. All llcs will have welcome events during welcome week. Everyone in the bulding is invited to the events, so you'll be able to meet people from other llcs.