July 30th Chat

Here are some of the highlights from our chat session: (Remember these answers will be specific to International Village only)

Q. How is the lighting - should I bring a desk lamp?
A1. There is one overhead flourecent light, so yes any non halogen lamps are welcomed!
A2. The lighting in the rooms is fine, although if you like to have a personal light on your desk feel free to bring one.

Q. What furniture is included in a room (mine is a single)?
A1. Furniture will include a bed, desk and a chest of drawers.

Q. Is the dining hall open at all times?
A1. The Dinining Hall is not open 24 hours, but here are the hours of operation posted on the neu.edu website

Q. Are the bed heights adjustable or should I buy bed risers?
A1. I think the beds give good clearance for storage, but your can bring risers if you want, as well you can always come and buy some at the local Target or bookstore if you feel you want more space.

Q. Is the wifi in the room good or should I use an ethernet cord when working at my desk?
A1. The wireless is in the common areas only.
A2. The wireless is really good, I prefer an ethernet cord myself. It's a good investment.

Q. Can the beds be lofted?
A1. Beds cannot be lofted if they are not already lofted!

Q. How does the bathroom door lock work? Can your suitemate come into your room at anytime?
A1. The bathroom lock is on a magnet system, if you are using the bathroom and lock it, your suitemate cannot enter. Once you leave the bathroom, the magnet unlock both doors

Q. Where are the laundry areas?
A1. They are located on the 2nd floor near the gym, there are also laundry machines on the 14 west and 22 east. They are open 24/7.