Meet Our Ambassadors

2013 – 2014 Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are a diverse group of upper-class Honors students representing the various colleges on campus and the range of a Northeastern University education. These student leaders are active in Admissions related events, such as fall Open Houses, spring Welcome Days, and Honors Welcome Week for first-year students. They participate in panel discussions on their experiences in the Honors Program at the Open Houses and Welcome Days, where they answer questions from prospective students and their families. They may also meet upon appointment with Honors staff and prospective students and their families for a focused discussion about opportunities on campus.

Rawan Alkhatib

Alkhatib 1Major: International Affairs and Political Science

Favorite Thing About Honors: The retreats—they’re fun, engaging, and extremely helpful!

Career Aspirations: I would love to do extensive research in the Middle East so I can eventually work with movements that seek to organically develop the best environment for democratization.



MacKenzie Bartz

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I’m on the rowing team at NU.

Favorite Honors Class: Psychology and the Law





Katherine Braggins

Major: International Affairs

Fun Fact: I can speak 5 languages….on a good day.

Favorite Thing About the Honors Program: I love
interdisciplinary seminars. It gives honors students the
opportunity to have great professors for classes that are
not typically offered.

Favorite Honors Class: My two favorite classes are The Conflict in the North of Ireland: Seeking Peace in Times of Terror and The Edible Environment.

Daniel Chakmakjian

Major: Business Administration, Concentrations in Management Information Systems and Finance

Career Aspirations: I aspire to gain some experience in the fields of Management Information Systems and Finance and then apply them to starting a business in Armenia.  Following this, I hope to get my PhD and do research for a university in the Boston area.

Favorite Thing About the Honors Program: I love that in the Honors Program you are surrounded by people with similar motivations and the way everyone is very helpful to each other through mentoring and other honors sponsored programs.

Brett Diamond

Major: Biology

Career Aspirations: I hope to continue on to medical school and become a physician.

Favorite Honors Class: The Conflict in the North of Ireland: Seeking Peace in Times of Terror. It was interesting to study a region and conflict that I didn’t know much about in such depth.



Jamie Ducharme

Major: Journalism

Favorite Thing About Honors: The interesting classes available through the First Year Inquiry Series and the upper level seminars.

Career Aspirations: Working at a fashion or lifestyle magazine.




Michael Dutra

Major: Industrial Engineering

Fun Fact: I enjoy cooking, golfing, and skiing.

Favorite Honors Class: Enhancing Honors





Ryan Fallon

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Fun Fact: I am from the best state – Maine!

Favorite Thing About the Honors Program: The Honors Dialogue to Rome! It was an absolutely amazing experience.




Taylor Hogan

Major: Business Administration

Favorite Honors Class: Alternative Energy: Why Aren’t We There Yet?

Career Aspirations: I would like to enter the field of urban farming, and wish to operate a vertical farm within Boston.



Brooke Hoger

Major:  Communications, Minor in Art + Design

Fun Fact: I am a black belt and have taught youth martial arts for the past 3 summers.

Favorite Thing About the Honors Program: The friends I’ve made and the sense of community the program has within the larger university.




Christiana Jacobson

Major: Business Administration

Fun Fact: I teach windsurfing as my summer job.

Favorite Honors Class: The First Year Inquiry Series course I took my first semester at Northeastern was definitely my favorite. It was a class about global poverty and how one person can change the world.




Dan Kurtz 

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience, French Minor

Fun Fact: I play the piano, clarinet, and the tenor saxophone.

Favorite Honors Class: Legal Argumentation. I learned how to speak in front of a group of people and to read between the lines. The readings were challenging, yet engaging, and I got great feedback!

Career Aspirations: Possibly in a research position, or a publisher for a science magazine. Maybe a writer, or a plastic surgeon? With all of my interests, I could end up anywhere.


Chris LaColla

Chris LaColla

Major: Industrial Engineering

Fun Fact: I’m terrified of plastic playhouses.

Favorite Thing About the Honors Program: I really enjoyed living in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC). Living together with other honors students in International Village really builds a sense of community that fosters great relationships and cooperative work.

Career Aspirations: Ultimately, I would like to use my Industrial Engineering background to go into efficiency and management consulting.

Rebecca Larson

Major: Biochemistry

Fun Fact: I once drove three hours out of my way to see the Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas.  I stayed there for three minutes.

Career Aspirations: I hope to go to medical school and eventually work abroad as a physician in internal medicine.

Favorite Honors Class: A directed study in Professor Strauss’s biochemistry lab.  My class of seven learned an assortment of lab research techniques and even got to work on our own project.


Nicole Makwinski

Nicole MakwinskiMajor: Sociology

Favorite Honors Class: Enhancing Honors

Career Aspirations: Working in Higher Education.





Matt Mariano

Major: Communication Studies

Fun Fact: I’ve never been on a plane and I’ve never been in a cab.

Favorite Thing About Honors: I love working so closely with the Honors staff, they’re a great group of people who have truly made me feel at home here at Northeastern.



Nick Martin

Major: Health Science

Fun Fact: I’ve broken my nose twice, and I’m having a full nose job over winter break.

Favorite Thing About Honors: I really love the sense of community that the Honors Program provides. It’s great knowing you have a whole support system other than the one within your major.



William McAneny

Major: International Affairs and Anthropology, with a minor in Global Social Entrepreneurship

Fun Fact: I don’t know how to ride a bike.

Favorite thing about Honors: The extra classes only available to Honors students, smaller sections of classes that are normally huge, and specialized advising!

Career Aspirations: My dream job would be to work in a nonprofit, NGO, or social business that works internationally to effect positive change.


Anthony Moffa

Anthony Moffa

Major: Dual Chemical Engineering & Physic

Fun Fact: I enjoy cooking and like my kitchen in the upperclass apartment-style residence hall.

Favorite Honors Class: My two favorite courses are Foundations of Psychology and Interpreting the Day’s News.



Daniel Moran

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Thing About Honors: Honors courses are the best; studying under inspiring professors in small, motivated groups is a great experience.

Fun Fact: I train Muay Thai through NU-Opps.

Favorite Honors Class: Fundamentals of Computer Science 1



Monark Nakrani

Monark NakraniMajor: Pharmacy

Fun Fact: I just got my motorcycles license and bought a motorcycle.

Favorite Honors Class: Developmental Psychology





Nicholas Panarello

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience, Mathematics Minor

Favorite Thing About Honors: The Honors LLC and all of its amenities. It is great being part of a simpler, tight knit community, particularly at a large university. Also, the housing is awesome!

Career Aspirations: An Air Force physician.




Kaitlyn Rank

Kaitlyn RankMajor: Biology

Favorite Honors Course: Music in Popular Culture with Professor Cucci. We learned about popular styles of music from all over the world and what we can learn about the politics and social problems of a place from their music.

Fun Fact:  I have helped medically treat adult white lions in South Africa.

Favorite Thing About the Honors Program: The Honors Outreach Projects. It’s really fun to head out somewhere in the city with a small group of students and get my hands dirty for a few hours. I always end up meeting the nicest people!


Andrew Rice

Major: Business Administration

Fun Fact: I once rode my bicycle from Seaside, Oregon to Plymouth, Massachusetts during a summer.

Career Aspirations: I wish to become a Certified Public Accountant and write short novels on the side.

Favorite Thing About Honors: The best part about the Honors Program is the ability to connect with people who share similar interests to you. You’re bound to meet someone who plays the same sports, likes the same movies, or has the same hobbies.


Joel Shaffer

meMajor: Civil Engineering

Fun Fact About Yourself: Back at home, my family has 3 goats: Tomás, Kevin, and Murphy.

Favorite Honors Course: Chemistry for Engineers

Career Aspirations: I’d like to work as a transportation engineer designing mass transit and rail systems for cities.


Akash Shah

Major: Health Science

Favorite thing About the Honors Program: Leadership retreats!

Favorite Honors Class: What’s Playing at Symphony Hall - Professor Brian Robison




Neel Shah

Shah 1Major:  Computer Engineering

Fun Fact:  I can speak 3 languages and I started learning English at the age of 13.

Career Aspirations:  Make substantial contributions to the field of computer engineering, while explore my intellectual curiosity for the betterment of society as a whole.




Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

Major: Nursing

Favorite Thing About the Honors Program: In a larger university, the Honors Program gives me a small community feeling. I know that I can always come to the Honors Office with any questions or issues that I have.

Career Aspirations: I would like to be a Nurse Practitioner and I am thinking about working in neonatal or pediatric nursing.



Megan Supple

Meghan SuppleMajor: Pharmacy

Fun Fact: I’ve gone skydiving and bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Favorite Honors Class: The Alternative Medicine seminar with Professor Bernstein—he’s such a passionate professor that it’s impossible to not share his enthusiasm.



Sahar Tariq

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 4 different countries.

Favorite Thing About Honors: The Warren Conference Center. I love the ropes courses, the nice hotel, the pancakes, and all the free stuff. Also, I love how helpful and approachable all the Honors Program staff is.

Favorite Honors Class: Engineering Design. It’s a bit more advanced than the regular class, and we got to build our own electronic devices.



Kathryn Waxman

Kathryn WaxmanMajor: Communication Studies

Favorite Thing About Honors: The people! Being part of a smaller community within Northeastern’s large campus is such a comforting feeling, and I couldn’t ask to be surrounded by better people, both staff and students.

Fun Fact: I have a horrible case of Wanderlust.

Favorite Honors Class: Aside from the classes I took while on the dialogue to Italy (it was Italy…obviously awesome!), my most influential Honors course was definitely my first – Comparative Study of Cultures with Professor Susan Setta.