Joining Once You Are Here

Students may apply to join the Honors Program at specific points in their academic careers:

  • Incoming first-year students are automatically reviewed by the Admissions Office and the Honors Program and are invited to participate based on their high school academic record, including achievement on the SAT and/or ACT tests and high school GPA, and leadership and community service.
  • First-year students, who have a minimum cumulative 3.8 GPA may apply to join the Honors program at the end of the first semester of their freshmen year or at the end of the second semester of their freshmen year.
  • Applications are due November 6 for admission in Spring 2016, and March 4 for admission in Fall 2016.
  • In addition to the completed online application, students must also provide an on-campus reference.
  • Students with junior or senior standing, who are seeking Honors in the Discipline distinction, should consult their college web site for information.
  • For more information about joining the Honors Program please email