Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in Northeastern’s Honors Program!

The Honors Program invites exceptionally motivated students to enhance their educational experience. Students joining this community seek an undergraduate experience charted by meeting academic challenges. Those invited into the University Honors Program are among our most highly accomplished and motivated prospective students.

The program:

  • Offers demanding and challenging academic opportunities
  • Connects students to an active community of thinkers committed to making a difference
  • Promotes living and learning in the Honors Program thematic communities
  • Integrates Honors into the broader undergraduate experience.

The Honors Program frames opportunities that are intellectually rigorous, based on both foundational and advanced work in interdisciplinary thematic areas. The Honors Program promotes global awareness and civic engagement across all of its offerings, and empowers students through resources within the Program as well as the larger Northeastern community.

All incoming Honors students are housed under the Honors Program LLC “umbrella” and join a community of scholars with a wide range of interests and concerns on each of our floors in International Village (INV). There are opportunities and special programming in INV to reflect our four Honors Thematics and all Honors students are invited to participate in a variety of those activities.

Members of the Honors Community will explore these themes through course work, embedded living and learning opportunities, and connections to broader opportunities on campus and beyond, such as the Honors Writer in Residence Program and social, cultural and community service based activities.

From our shared Welcome Week, which includes First Pages and the Honors Outreach Project, through our Boston-based mentored Enhancing Honors course, – there will be many chances to move forward toward meeting your academic goals.

We hope that you have a chance to look at the Honors Program website in order to become more familiar with our program. Start with our course offerings – including our specialty courses for first-year students, the First Year Inquiry Series – and our upper-class Interdisciplinary Seminars. Read about our recent graduates and be sure to view our photo gallery.