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Honors Student Shares NU Pride

Elena Crouch, COS’19, discusses what makes her proud about Northeastern in today’s “Moments of Northeastern Pride.”

Honors Dialogues A Highlight Of DOC Fair

“I have to make sure that I’m being holistic and eth­ical when I look at what I’m going to design,” says Gabby Hunt, E’17. She was among one of the Thursday’s fair attendees, where students, faculty, and staff extolled the virtues of living, working, and studying in an unfa­miliar country.

Honors Student Sees ‘Incredible Brainpower’ at Northeastern

Tanay Patri has only been on campus for six weeks, but he’s already joined three student groups and picked out the company for which he would like to do his first co-op. “I want to build relationships with my peers and find my passion as soon as I can,” he says.

Meet the Honors Graduates: Matt Connolly

Matt Con­nolly, DMSB ’16, started his first e-​​commerce busi­ness when he was just 14, and he later rebranded and expanded it while studying at North­eastern. He had a goal to one day work at Amazon. Now, he’ll be working at the com­pany full time.