Honors Arts & Cultural Initiative

Every semester, the Honors Program Arts & Cultural Initiative holds a series of events and excursions to visual, musical, and performing arts productions across the Greater Boston Area. These are complemented by the Honors Pre-Show, where university faculty present and facilitate a discussion on a topic associated with the artistic/cultural work. From the visual representation of masculinity on film at the anniversary viewing of “The Terminator” to the production history of “Swan Lake,” these talks provide Honors students with new frameworks to approach and appreciate their daily interactions with art and culture.

Many of these events feature subsidized tickets to events in the metropolitan and Greater Boston Area regions. Event listings are posted on the Honors website, and in the Honors Office. Each Honors student can buy one ticket per event. Students interested in attending events should plan on buying tickets on the first day they are on sale. Consult our current season and plan which events you’d like to attend!

Here is a list of future Summer 2016 Arts & Cultural Events:

  • Honors Program Brunch – Friday, May 13th, Richards Theatre
  • Boston Whale Watch – Friday, May 20th
  • SubSpace Project: Prince and the Purple Rain Album – Wednesday, June 15th
  • Matilda – Thursday, June 23rd
  • Honors Program Brunch – Friday, July 8th
  • Boston Harbor Island Day – Friday, July 22nd
  • Honors Program Brunch – Friday, August 12th

Honors Book Club

The Honors Book Club is a student initiative that is sponsored by the Honors Program. The club is comprised of Honors students from all grade levels and across majors, and this variety of perspectives is what makes the conversation about these books so interesting. At the beginning of each semester, members nominate books and two to three selections are made by popular vote. The club meets bi-monthly, which allows each book to be discussed in part over the course of several weeks. With certain selections, such as The Thieves of Manhattan and The Virgin Suicides, the club combines a discussion of the literature with watching and discussing film. The Honors Book Club provides both a social and intellectual outlet for students in the Honors Program.

For more information regarding the Honors Book Club, please contact the Honors Program Office.