Honors Living Learning Community

International-Village-2009-001-690x920International Village is the newest residence hall at Northeastern University. Home to the Honors First Year Living Learning Community, International Village houses all first-year honors students. International Village includes a full service dining hall, laundry facilities, a fitness area, television lounges, game rooms, and study rooms. International Village also holds an 87 seat lecture hall, a 44 seat tiered classroom, and four 24 seat seminar rooms.

There are two Honors Faculty in Residence: Professors Mindelyn Buford II (Department of Sociology and Anthropology) and Rifat Sipahi (Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), his wife, and son. Professors Buford and Sipahi work with Residential Life staff to develop programming opportunities linked to a variety of themes, play an active role in on-going Honors programming, and interact with students informally every day.

International Village is a very exciting addition to the current Honors Living Learning communities and allows the Honors Program to enhance our commitment to living and learning.

West Village F, built in 2006, is home to upper-class Honors Program students. This residence hall houses 222 students in apartment-style housing that includes a living room, kitchen and bathroom. There are also a number of dedicated Honors floors in West Village C available for upper-class honors students.

Faculty in Residence:

Professor Mindelyn Buford II, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UCLA and my Ph.D. in Sociology from The Johns Hopkins University.  I joined the Northeastern University Department of Sociology and Anthropology in 2010.  I teach courses on immigration, inequality, and research methods.

I look forward to interacting with students inside and outside of the classroom.  I enjoy travel, international cuisine, outdoor activities, cultural events, exploring Boston neighborhoods, and the company of good people.  Look out for information about upcoming events on the INV Facebook page and on my door at INV #225.

Professor Rifat Sipahi, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

I received my BS degree in 2000 from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey, and have completed my MS (2002) and PhD (2005) degrees at the University of Connecticut, all in mechanical engineering. After having spent a year in France as a post-doctoral researcher, in 2006 I joined the faculty of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Since the first time I started teaching, I have always enjoyed the interactions with students, whether it is related to teaching, research, or encouraging students for graduate school. To further continue my interactions with students, even outside the classroom, I have decided to be a part of the faculty-in-residence (FiR) program. In 2010, I and my wife moved in International Village (INV), where I currently run various academic programs for the students.

One of the most important messages of FiR program to all our students is “Faulty-student interaction is a continuous process at Northeastern University, around the clock, and is not limited to classroom setting.”
This message comes to life via many activities I organize, get involved, and support, some in collaboration with the Honors Program. Activities include attending scientific seminars at Harvard Medical School, visiting the Museum of Science and MIT museum, holding egg-drop, bridge building and paper-plane-design competitions in INV, hosting NU faculty at INV to bridge students and faculty, giving lectures to students about my research topics, and opening our apartment to the students for cooking food together and discussing contemporary topics.

In our spare time, I and my wife love spending time with our little baby boy Maxime, enjoy traveling, cooking, and getting to know different cultures, languages, and cuisines. I like playing soccer, basketball, and ping pong, and I am passionately working on improving my French.

You can follow my upcoming events through my Facebook profile “Rifat Sipahi Faculty in Residence”, and Honors Program weekly newsletters. And please do not hesitate to approach me, or contact me; I am looking forward to meeting as many students as possible in the upcoming academic year!! (Sipahi’s photo: Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/Northeastern University)