Undergraduate Research

Forging a Connection Between the Arts and the Sciences in Education

Ever since the start of the economic decline and relentless joblessness that has been sweeping all corners of the once prosperous United States, there has been hot debate surrounding the place that arts education should actually hold in the landscape of college education.

Immigrant Experience in the US

I’m a business major. My education revolves around being practical, finding the logical decision with the best results… However humans run business and we cannot be standardized

Quality of Life: Why it Matters When Battling Cancer

Although breast cancer death rates have been decreasing since the late 1980’s, breast cancer remains to be the second most common cancer diagnosis, afflicting one in eight women and accounting for 30% of overall cancer diagnoses.

History Through the Eyes of Lenders

As a college student figuring out how to pay rent on time and manage a credit card, the idea of someone making decisions about me based on a ‘credit score’ is scary stuff.

Inside the Vernacular

Evaluating the energy usage of current residential buildings as part of this project has helped contribute to my future studies of designing sustainable building systems.

Social Movements across Time and around the World

As a young kid those who inspired me most were the participants in social movements that transformed the world, and as I’ve grown older my heroes have been people like Gandhi and the environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill.

Beyond Numbers: The Original Credit Rating System

Applying for credit today, whether it be for something as simple as a credit card or something more binding such as a mortgage, is a process highly based on numbers. Banks ask to see one’s income, the value of one’s assets, one’s reliability on a scale measured by his/her employer, etc.