Undergraduate Research

Novel Reading and Social Policy

Maybe the empathy we feel for the characters translates into real-life empathy. Perhaps reading a book can make us more informed and passionate citizens.

Steel Specimen Modelling

Civil Engineers have been building things for millennia, and yet, there’s still so much about the materials we use every day that we could understand better.

Designing for Deconstruction

The idea of “designing for deconstruction” after a building’s natural life or destruction is gaining new traction in Civil Engineering.

Virtual Reality, Genuine Cure

The Rehabilitation Games & Virtual Reality Lab aims to improve the effectiveness of physical therapy by integrating VR-based therapy.

Coldness We Didn’t Feel

The research I have been doing with Professor Jeffrey Burds focuses on the Soviet Union’s influence in the Middle East during the Cold War on the Arab-Israeli conflict – a key concept that has significantly shaped the region’s history since.

An Affair with Espionage

The real world of espionage is much grittier, involves less glamour, and is almost never as spontaneous as Hollywood would have you believe. This is the world I spent my semester exploring in my assistantship with Professor Jeffrey Burds.