Undergraduate Research

Designing for Deconstruction

The idea of “designing for deconstruction” after a building’s natural life or destruction is gaining new traction in Civil Engineering.

Virtual Reality, Genuine Cure

The Rehabilitation Games & Virtual Reality Lab aims to improve the effectiveness of physical therapy by integrating VR-based therapy.

Coldness We Didn’t Feel

The research I have been doing with Professor Jeffrey Burds focuses on the Soviet Union’s influence in the Middle East during the Cold War on the Arab-Israeli conflict – a key concept that has significantly shaped the region’s history since.

An Affair with Espionage

The real world of espionage is much grittier, involves less glamour, and is almost never as spontaneous as Hollywood would have you believe. This is the world I spent my semester exploring in my assistantship with Professor Jeffrey Burds.

Turkey on a Need to Know Basis

This research ended up tying back in to what I study at Northeastern: as an International Affairs major, I have taken a lot of courses centering on today’s state system, and how to define a state and a national identity.

Research, Revising, and Refugees

With the current crisis in Syria, the discussion of the rights of refugees is now more important than ever. Last semester, I worked with Professor Parekh to help put the finishing touches on her book about this topic.

“Science” in Political Science

I had an opportunity to focus on the cosmetics sector and research the use of nanotechnologies in it, as well as look at the regulatory mechanisms aimed towards protecting interests of consumers.

Plotnik’s Movie Palace

Since May, we have been organizing and directing workshops and staged readings of the show. This allows us to edit and provide feedback on the piece, which has evolved greatly over the course of our time working with Professor Feinstein.