Studying “Superhero” Salamanders

These salamanders are the superheroes of the amphibian world– impervious to cancer and able to completely regenerate missing limbs without scarring.

Cloning DNA at Stanford University

Professor Bianxiao Cui’s lab is on the cutting edge of truly diverse research, including optogenetic control of cellular mechanisms, axonal transport, and nanotechnology.

Building Better Electronics With Graphene

Most of our research is done at the nano scale and utilizing a material called graphene – that is, we study and create objects that are about a billionth the size of baseball bat.

Combating Bacillus Subtilis

The feeling of independence in the lab was invigorating, and although I was only doing basic experiments, it felt good to know that I was doing them without the guidance of a professor or TA.

Fighting Biofilm Formation

The undergraduate research I am doing is fueling my passion for science and I highly suggest anyone considering doing research to find an opportunity to do it.