History Through the Eyes of Lenders

As a college student figuring out how to pay rent on time and manage a credit card, the idea of someone making decisions about me based on a ‘credit score’ is scary stuff.

Inside the Vernacular

Evaluating the energy usage of current residential buildings as part of this project has helped contribute to my future studies of designing sustainable building systems.

Social Movements across Time and around the World

As a young kid those who inspired me most were the participants in social movements that transformed the world, and as I’ve grown older my heroes have been people like Gandhi and the environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill.

Beyond Numbers: The Original Credit Rating System

Applying for credit today, whether it be for something as simple as a credit card or something more binding such as a mortgage, is a process highly based on numbers. Banks ask to see one’s income, the value of one’s assets, one’s reliability on a scale measured by his/her employer, etc.

Expanding Skills Beyond the Classroom

Before entering college, I was looking at architecture through a narrow scope, thinking all architecture students went on to becoming architects.

Hijabi Fashionistas

Two years ago I took an Honors Inquiry class entitled “Islam, Gender and the Politics of Dress.” As a brand-new college student, I wanted to take a course totally separate from anything I had ever studied before, and the description for this course seemed to offer just that.