Day 6-A: A Busy Day of Rest

Our last day in Granada was a well deserved rest day. We all had free time until our class discussion at 6:00PM, so it was up to us what we wanted to do with it. Some people in the group went to the Hammam, a bathhouse where they received massages, while others explored the gypsy… Read more »

Day 5: Flamenco from the Heart

Compared to the last couple of days, today was a laid back day where we were able to rest and catch up on our work for the week. First thing in the morning we met for class, discussing the progression of Arabs in Spain as well as the history and influence of flamenco. We learned… Read more »

Day 4: Italian in Spain

Today is day two of no Wi-Fi in our hotel, and so far we have survived. To all the parents reading this, if the Wi-Fi has not resurged by this point we are still alive and in good health. The day began with a trip to the local mosque, which we had visited earlier in… Read more »

Day 3: Can I see some Moor of that?

That’s the last corny pun in this post, I promise. When I told people who’d been to Granada where I was going for the month, their eyes would light up and they would inevitably exclaim: “You’ve got to see the Alhambra, you can’t miss it!” Now I see why. The primary part of our day… Read more »

Day 2: The Honors DOC Hierarchy of Needs

The first? Caffeine. On our first full day in Spain, we were finding it hard to leave the beds that we had so thankfully fallen into the night before. Though many of us had already slept upwards of ten hours, it felt like meager compensation for the jet lag. Indeed, it proved too much for… Read more »

Day 1: A Selfie Stick and Other Firsts

As children grow older, there are many important milestones documented by their parents: first words, first steps, first day of school… Now officially added to my list: first time in a foreign country. Our adventures in Spain have officially begun and the experience is already incredible. Our journey started in Logan Airport where check-in and… Read more »

Honors Spain DOC, 2015: Welcome!

Honors Spain Dialogue of Civilizations Blog 2.0! This is the second year that Northeastern Honors students have embarked upon an exploration of religion and culture in Spain. This blog account will follow the students’ travels through the cities of Granada, Córdoba, Seville, and Toledo, and the towns of the Camino, from Leon to Santiago. Sixteen… Read more »