Honors Dialogue

Day 10: Embracing Our Migrant Roots

Day 10 in Spain was one of the most anticipated yet for the Honors DOC. In the morning, we prepared to say our goodbyes to the picturesque mountain town of Grazalema, and began the all-too-familiar routine of packing our worldly possessions into overstuffed suitcases once again. After a mercifully downhill trek out of the hotel,… Read more »

Day 9: The Relationship Between Struggle and Peace

Once upon a time, in a sleepy white town not so different from Grazalema, where we are currently staying, there lived a boy and a girl. But, of course, it was more complicated than that. The girl was Christian, the boy Muslim and together they were forbidden to love each other. When has that ever… Read more »

Day 8: Slowing Down in a Sleepy Town

Today we awoke in a great mood, knowing that we had a well-deserved and much needed day of rest ahead. With the exception of some brave souls who woke up early to go on a mountainside run (complete with rocky inclines, mountain goats, and a donkey) we slept in as late as we could and… Read more »

Day 7: Close Encounters of the Vehicular Kind

Today’s adventures through Andalusia began with a two and a half hour bus ride from Granada to the small city of Ronda. Thanks to the long bus ride, most of us were able to catch up some sleep before we arrived in the city. Normally a quiet town, today Ronda was as busy as Madrid,… Read more »

Day 6: Green Revolution

Happily today is not an early day and no alarms were set to waken us as we recovered from yesterday’s busy day. After a quick yet delicious breakfast, a group of us headed back to Plaza Nueva to take observation notes for our second ethnography. Seated on a shaded bench we contrasted the tourists’ behaviors… Read more »

Day 5: Islamic Aesthetics in Granada

Day 5 began with breakfast on in our hotel: bread, juice, coffee, and some potentially suspicious looking eggs. We met in the lobby of the hotel at 9am to begin the walk to the Plaza Nueva. We made it there without too much difficulty, and met our guide Ignacio or Nacho for short. He gave… Read more »

Day 4: Arrival in Granada and Feats of Incredible Strength

At approximately 7:30 on the morning of May 7th, 2014, our group of 19 intrepid explorers accomplished the impossible, or at least the highly improbable: we navigated the Madrid metro system, with luggage, and did not lose anyone.

No, I insist. Hold your applause.

Day 3: The Bull by the Horns

As our last full day in Madrid, we all left the hotel in the morning with plans to hit as many major attractions as possible and really enjoy our time in the city.

Day 2: No Time for Jet Lag

On our first full day in Madrid, we faced an obstacle more serious than the language barrier: jet lag. Our main goal for the day? Fight the urge to snooze despite having arrived at 6 am (12 am Boston time!).

Day 1: Be Flexible

In the ending few lines of our class syllabus, Professor Bucar reminded us to follow the motto, “Be flexible.” After the hectic events of this afternoon, I think all of us are trying to keep those calming words in mind.