Honors Dialogue

Day 20: Frosty the Pilgrim

Rain coats? Check. Hiking Shoes? Yup. Snow pants?? Excuse me?? Of all the things we were anticipating on this Honors DOC, we were all decidedly unprepared for the snow we experienced at the top of the mountain this morning. Manuel presented it to us in this way: “Good news: It is not raining. Bad news:… Read more »

Day 19: Emphasis on the Steep

Our daily itinerary described today’s 13.2 kilometer walk as a “relatively short, but steep day.” Emphasis on the steep. After donning our rain jackets, hiking shoes, and most importantly, our bright green garbage bag-covered backpacks, our group of eighteen courageous peregrinos sat down for a quick breakfast of coffee, fruit, toast, and a new treat-… Read more »

Day 18: The Rain in Spain Does Not Stay Mainly in the Plain

Our third day on the Camino de Santiago is only our second day walking. It seems the rain that settled over Villafranca del Bierzo yesterday has not abated, and possibly intensified throughout the night. Manuel recommends we take the route that sticks along the national road; the pass through the hills is more beautiful, he… Read more »

Day 17: Stopped Short

Pumped up after our first day on the Camino we had one of two mandatory rest days, this one in Villafranca. I love to hike and one day had only served to make me more anxious to continue; it was a bit frustrating to have to take a break so soon but hotel availability dictated… Read more »

Day 16: An Anticipated Journey

After two weeks of anticipation, today we finally began our Camino with our guide, Manuel. Our Camino began by getting our very first stamp from Cacabelos, Leon in our credentials (which we must show in Santiago to receive our certificates). Starting off, we knew we would have to walk just 9.5 kilometers to the town… Read more »

Day 15: Feeling Legit

After mastering our first course on Moorish Spain, Honors DOC was ready for our second course and the change of scenery from the South to the Camino de Santiago in the North of the country. After a two-hour train ride and a four-hour bus ride, we arrived in Cacabelos, Leon, our starting point on the… Read more »

Day 14: Sunset on the Cities

As the Honors DOC enjoyed another breakfast of coffee and toast, we realized that our time exploring the Spanish cities had come to an end. This was our last day in Córdoba before our long-awaited pilgrimage. To begin, we met our guide at La Torre de la Calahorra where we would be touring El Museo… Read more »

Day 13: The Mosque – Cathedral Conundrum

It’s a cathedral. It’s a mosque-cathedral. It was a former mosque, now it’s a cathedral. It was always a cathedral but Muslims briefly intervened and made it into a mosque- but don’t worry, it has been restored as a cathedral. This confusion kicked off our 13th day of our Dialogue with a site visit to… Read more »

Day 12: Cordoba Looks Promising

It’s a late morning for our crew in Sevilla. The city has returned to itself from last night’s spasmodic break into riotous celebration. Once again, it is the more civilized picture of Mediterranean sophistication. The horse-mounted police, the fireworks, and swarming mob of futbol fans have been replaced with the usual cadre of easy-going café… Read more »

Day 11: A Victory in Sevilla

“SEVILLA SEVILLA SEVILLA!” chanted the crowds tonight as Sevilla FC defeated Portugal Benfica in a penalty kick shootout to take home the Europa League Cup. The city was alive as life-long fans, university students, and tourists enjoyed the revelry in La Puerta de Jerez downtown. Despite not knowing a single word of the mantras, it… Read more »