Honors Dialogue 2015

Day 15: As One Adventure Ends, Another One Begins…

It is officially the last full day in Toledo before we head off to northern Spain and begin the pilgrimage from León to Santiago de Compostela. These past two and half weeks have been amazing exploring southern Spain. From Granada to Córdoba to Toledo, we learned about the tensions between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism and… Read more »

Day 14: Wrapping Up

Today was a day of deep contemplation, reflection, and focus as we all started our final papers for the first course of our Dialogue. This final paper not only marks the end of our course on Islam here in Spain, but is the culmination of all that we have seen and learned during our first… Read more »

Day 13: What “Living Together” Really Means

Bright and early, we were again greeted by Adolfo Ferrero, a local art historian, to continue our discussion of convivencia (“living together) that began yesterday with our visits to the Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz and Toledo’s gothic cathedral. Today’s walking tour of Toledo’s old Jewish quarter, Santa Maria La Blanca synagogue, El Tránsito… Read more »

Day 12: Welcome to Toledo

Today was our first of four full days in Toledo, but we allowed ourselves a lazy start. Many of us spent the morning catching up on sleep or homework so that we could be ready for a day packed with information and site visits. We first met up in our hotel for a class discussion… Read more »

Day 11: Tilting at Windmills

Goodbye, Córdoba. Hello, Toledo. Our morning started with some hurried packing and a quick breakfast before it was time to say farewell to our hotel and Córdoba. While we were all sad to leave the city behind, the pain of parting was softened when we discovered our old twenty-person bus had been replaced with one… Read more »

Day 10: Throwback Thursday—We’re in the 12th Century

On our second Thursday in Spain, there was no place we were required to be in Cordoba until three in the afternoon. That is not to say that we didn’t try to take every opportunity to experience Spanish culture. A group went to the morning mass at the cathedral, which, as we learned on Tuesday,… Read more »

Day 8: Recycling the Old to Make Way for the New

This morning we went on a guided tour of the Jewish quarter and mosque-cathedral of Córdoba. The buildings we saw on our walk to the meeting place and subsequent tour showed the rich history of the city. We passed 2,000-year-old Roman ruins, modern buildings, buildings of Moorish architecture, buildings with more European architecture, and a… Read more »

Day 7: A Fresh New Start

Today was the first day we spent outside of Granada. We woke up early, packed, and were on the road by 8:30; I know, personally, I was exhausted. Leaving Granada left us with a strange combination of sadness for leaving such a beautiful, culturally rich city and excitement that so much more awaited us. After… Read more »

Day 6-B: Cleaning Up Our Act

Today was our first scheduled “rest day,” and after four continuous days of exploring the hilly alleyways of Granada, the troops needed some refreshment. My choice: visit the local modern hammam. Throughout our tours of the city, we had studied the excavations of older hammams, which served as a public bathhouse operated by the Sultan…. Read more »