Lily Tiarks

I would estimate that I unpacked my suitcase in 17 different Spanish cities, and many of the places we visited run together in my memories.

Day 30: Adios España

The DOC’s second to last day involved working, working and more working. On a positive note, this might be the only hotel that doesn’t hate us yet…probably because we didn’t leave our rooms all day. The night’s family dinner got a little sentimental when we realized that without our guide, there was only diecisiete of… Read more »

Day 29: Obviously

In the doorway of the Cathedral of Santiago, one of many statues stands out. Breaking statue tradition at the time, the figure representing the Prophet Daniel is grinning widely, while his companions stand beside him, stone-faced and stiff. Manuel tells us that, according to legend, Daniel is smiling because he has been placed facing a… Read more »

Day 28: Pilgrims to Santiago

Today was the day. We rose with the sun to get a head start on our last 20 kilometers to Santiago. Everyone was brimming with excitement, but there was something else: a kind of somberness under the surface. This would be our last walk on the Camino that we grew to love. As the pilgrims… Read more »

Day 27: All a Part of The Way

Imagine yourself fast asleep, enjoying quiet dreams and a rested body. Now imagine the sound of three roosters competing with each other on who can “cock-a-doodle-doo” loudest at the crack of dawn. Now, being from Boston I am pretty used to the sound of jackhammers and sirens in the morning, but this was something else…. Read more »

Day 26: Orange Slugs and Salty Cena

On day 26 of our DOC, eight of us broke off from the group to venture on a sunrise hike. After a quick morning coffee and several slices of sponge cake, we took our packed lunches and set out at 6 AM. With two flashlights to guide us, we carefully navigated our way over a… Read more »

Day 25: Pulpo, Pig’s Ears, and Pilgrimage

After hiking our longest distance of 26 kilometers yesterday, walking 14 kilometers felt like a leisurely stroll. Now that I’ve been on the Camino for the past 7 days, I no longer feel the ache in my quads or debilitating shortness of breath that made our first 20-odd kilometer hike particularly strenuous. Walking has become… Read more »