Partners in the Parks

Great Smoky Adventure

Partners in the Parks was a great opportunity to travel to the Great Smoky Mountains and meet some interesting and talented people. First off, a big thanks goes out to our advisors, Bill Atwill and Christina McIntyre who organized the whole trip and looked out for all of us.

Great Basin- a Hidden Treasure

Great Basin National Park is a hidden gem in the Department of the Interior’s crown. When I arrived in the park with six other students from universities around the country, I wasn’t prepared for what I experienced: nothing.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Partners in the Parks allowed us the unique opportunity to get under the surface and hear about the mountains from seasoned park stewards.

Glacier National Park

In an increasingly globalized world, I think it is as important as ever to discover the wonders right here at home

Sequoia National Park

What wilderness is to me now, is a place free from invasive technology and free from human development.

Glacier National Park

There could be no better time to start living wholeheartedly, and for this realization, I thank Glacier.

Sequoia National Park

Once I found myself in the wilderness, it didn’t take long to realize that the Partners in the Parks experience was exactly what I needed

Mt. Rainier National Park

Partners in the Parks at Mt. Rainier was one of the most memorable opportunities of my college career.

Buffalo National River

The calm river and warm sun created fertile ground for friendship. Even the rain couldn’t keep the group apart.

Grand Canyon National Park

I consider myself an experienced outdoor person, and yet nothing had ever really prepared me for the entirely new world that faced me out west.