Outside the Classroom

Nanoscale Science, National Results

I was lucky enough to begin working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Webster Nanomedicine Lab. The lab, at the forefront of the emerging field of nanomedicine, focuses on the interdisciplinary application of new nano-biomaterials and techniques to the medical field.

Bryan Stevenson: Talking About Injustice

Before Bryan Stevenson had spoken a word, before he’d even moved a muscle to ascend the stage, before the speaker to introduce him had even completed the utterance of his name, every member of the audience was on our feet clapping with vigor.

Feeling Like a College Student

At the end of my phone interview with Dan and Laura, I surprised myself with straightforwardness. “This is my first choice for co-op,” I admitted. “If you offer the position to me, I’ll take it.”

From Ferguson

Physically being in Ferguson was surreal…But finally, at the tail end of this trip, we were there, in the middle of a news story.

Debating Foreign Policy at NUMAL

The knowledge I gain from debating in simulations of real-world regional and global organizations complements the courses I take every day of the week.