Presenting Research in San Diego

I recently returned from presenting this research at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting. This year it was held in San Diego, so while it was snowing in Boston, I was able to attend poster sessions and lectures.

251st American Chemical Society Meeting

Attending this conference afforded me the opportunity to network with professionals that specialize in proteomics, learn some tips for our own student chapter, and represent Northeastern University’s active chemistry department.

Science in Scotland

Then the idea just came to us: we took the two things we knew best, bacteria and encapsulation, and we decided to try encapsulating bacteria.

Nanoscale Science, National Results

My undergraduate research position evolved into an independent research opportunity in 2015 when I was introduced to the technique of electrospinning.

Bryan Stevenson: Talking About Injustice

Before Bryan Stevenson had spoken a word, before he’d even moved a muscle to ascend the stage, before the speaker to introduce him had even completed the utterance of his name, every member of the audience was on our feet clapping with vigor.

Partners In the Parks: Great Smokey Mountains

The number one question I received when telling my friends that I would be attending a Partners in the Parks trip always concerned the fact that I would be in the woods for a week with 19 strangers.

Feeling Like a College Student

At the end of my phone interview with Dan and Laura, I surprised myself with straightforwardness. “This is my first choice for co-op,” I admitted. “If you offer the position to me, I’ll take it.”

A Week on the Buffalo

It was pouring rain and thundering outside on March 11th, and I was in an unfamiliar room surrounded by unfamiliar faces in central Arkansas, 1,480 miles from home.