Learning Leadership through Teamwork

I initially joined Northeastern’s International Relations Council (IRC) because I was interested in taking a Model UN course as an upper level elective for my major. From my very first day, I was absolutely blown away by the raw brainpower in the room. At first, I was nervous, and felt as if I couldn’t compare… Read more »

Developing Nicaragua with FriendsNE

My passion for expanding opportunity to communities severely lacking the resources needed to lift themselves out of poverty continues to grow each and every day.

Life at the Honors LLC, Fall 2013

Our Honors RA’s were hard at work this fall to welcome our new first-year Honors students to our Living Learning Community in International Village.

Keeping the Music Alive at the FMC

The Future of Music Coalition is a nonprofit that sets out to educate musicians, ensure fair pay, and create a “diverse musical culture where artists flourish.”

Buffalo National River

The calm river and warm sun created fertile ground for friendship. Even the rain couldn’t keep the group apart.