In the Classroom

History of Assassination

My experience as a Teaching Assistant for the History of State Assassination is not one I will forget soon. The course, taught by nonconformist Professor Burds, was an eye opening experience to what is definitely one of the least analyzed phenomena of world history.

Unwrapping the Russian Enigma

We all agreed that going forward we must attempt to understand better the Russian view of the world, created out of considerable hardship and suffering, rather than relying on the persistent, simplistic and negative stereotypes of Russia and Russians that still pervade American popular culture.

Peace with Justice in Northern Ireland

Eighteen years after the Good Friday Agreement, the landmark peace decision which saw the decommissioning of arms by paramilitaries and the beginning of a power-sharing government, Northern Ireland is still on its way to being a “post-conflict” society.

Two Minds on Two Minds

In the classroom, I like to keep my students on their toes. As a cognitive scientist, I understand that only through active engagement with the course material will students process the information deeply and make lasting connections to other areas of their experience.

Philosophy & Emerging Technology

This class covers ethical issues related to a number of these contemporary or near-future advances, such as: genetic engineering, drug and prosthetic enhancement, and human-animal chimeras.

Taking Risks/Crossing Borders

I believe theatre courses are in the distinct position to help students experience the world with an enlightened eye and sensitive ear attuned to subtlety and nuance.

Cyclical Justice

My journey as a Teaching Assistant for Michael Patrick MacDonald’s course, Social Justice Through Non-Fiction, began with a lot of tears.

The Ethics of Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies raise novel ethical challenges, but also provide a new context for thinking about traditional philosophical and ethical problems.