Program Research & Travel Grants

Gladys Brooks Honors Award

The Gladys Brooks Honors award provides a $2,500 research stipend to a student with an approved Honors in the Discipline proposal. This is a competitive process that students can apply for during the spring term each academic year.

Fairchild Senior Fellowship

Supported by the Fairchild Foundation, the Fairchild Senior Fellowship provides financial support to students pursuing Honors in the Discipline. The award funds students with a research stipend of $500 to $2,500. This is a competitive process that students can apply for during the spring term each academic year.

J.A. Coolidge Achievement Award

Established in 1977 in honor of Professor Coolidge. The Joseph Arthur Coolidge Achievement Award is a research award that is awarded to outstanding student(s) majoring in Physics, Mathematics or other Sciences. The award is based primarily on distinguished academic achievement with additional consideration given to character, participation in extra-curricular activities on and off campus and qualities of leadership.

Tom Moore Memorial Honors Program Fund

The Tom Moore Memorial Honors Program Fund was created by Professor Shaughnessy & the University Honors Program in memory of the former Dean of the College of Business to enable students with practical experience of impact investing, or assessing the societal and financial return on investment for a social business or social enterprise. The award is a $10,000 investment grant to develop a strategy which Honors students in Professor Dennis Shaughnessy’s Honors Freshman Inquiry class, “Voices of Development” believe would have the most impact on alleviating global poverty. The students join with a university-organized panel to make the final decision about the allocation of the funds.

Honors Early Research Grants

Students may apply for Honors Early Research Grants for small projects early in their undergraduate career. These grants of $500 help pay for laboratory supplies and other types of research related expenses on projects that include preliminary work towards an honors thesis. This is a competitive process.

Honors Travel Grants

Travel grants of up to $500 are available for students to participate in National Collegiate Honors Council programs such as the annual meetings and other NCHC activities during the year. In addition, funds are available for travel expenses related to community service initiatives and other student programs. This award does not qualify for Dialogues of Civilization, Alternative Spring Break or International Coop. Students are limited to one travel grant. This is a competitive process.

NCHC Partners in the Parks

Partners in the Parks is an experiential learning program sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council in cooperation with the US National Park Service. Each year the Honors Program provides the registration fee for a group of students so that they have the chance to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to travel to different parts of the country.