Honors Program Advising

Dan-Kurtz-e1321462292584“In my past three years at Northeastern, my Honors Advisors have played a very special role. Not only have they provided steady and helpful academic support, but I feel the advisors in the program really care about me as a person and want to see me succeed academically and socially. The Honors Advisors have offered me the support I need to succeed in my collegiate career and have also given me many opportunities to give back to and get involved with the Honors Program and the Northeastern community at large.”

Dan Kurtz, Linguistics & Psychology

Advising Through the Years: Connected-Supported-Successful

The goal of honors advising is to assist students in transitioning into a successful college experience, help students become connected to resources and opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and to provide a consistent source of support during the undergraduate experience. Honors Advisors connect with students to empower them to make the most of their time at Northeastern University. In Honors, we advise students in ways that will assist them in having a rich and well-rounded undergraduate experience through a developmental advising model.

The Honors Program requires advising at all stages of the undergraduate experience starting with the first semester on campus.  To support our first-year advising initiative, embedded advising is offered in the first year living and learning community in International Village.

Upper class students also participate in required meetings with honors advising staff, which concludes with senior advising.  All advising is targeted to support students at critical decision-making junctures.  Students may schedule additional advising meetings at any time to check with honors staff on issues that they would like to discuss such as research opportunities, global study and possible graduate school plans.