Honors Study Abroad

Honors Dialogue of Civilizations, Italy: Rome the City as Text

Rome 2013In 2010, the Honors Program initiated a Dialogue of Civilization to Rome, Italy. This trip is characterized by three things: first, each year the Dialogue has a particular theme; second, each Dialogue is led by an Honors faculty member who shares their particular area of teaching/research interest with the students; third, each Dialogue isgrounded in an Interdisciplinary Seminar which would use the city of Rome as a text for understanding important issues.

The first year the themes revolved around the role of religion in Rome and students explored all manner of important religious/cultural artifacts with Professor Susan Setta, Chair of the Philosophy and Religion Department, taking the lead. In 2011, Professor Danny Faber, who leads the Environmental Studies Program on campus, led students in an exploration of the Slow Food Movement and its links to the Italian countryside. In 2012, Professor Gordana Rabrenovic , who is the Associate Director of the Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence, will focus on urban life and the role of tourism in Rome and in Italy-at-large. This year, Professor Danny Faber returned to direct the academic experience.

The goal of the program is to promote knowledge; understanding and global engagement through course work, language acquisition, travel and participation in an NU designed and delivered international academic experience. This short-term program is targeted toward honors students who may not have the opportunity to complete international work later on in their academic career, or who want to have an early international experience prior to a more traditional study abroad semester, global civic engagement or international co-op experience.

Substituting Study Abroad for Honors Course Credit

In conjunction with the Honors Program goal of promoting global awareness, students who are planning to study abroad may substitute a study abroad experience for the equivalent of one Honors course.

Please contact Senior Associate Director Lauren Pouchak for more information.