Honors Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Grants

The University Honors Program is expanding opportunities for undergraduate Honors students, who are motivated to pursue undergraduate research and creative endeavors during their time at Northeastern University. In particular, it is seeking to provide grants in areas that would clearly benefit Honors students, and where funding is less readily available from other Northeastern sources.

To this end, we have restructured our undergraduate research grants as following:

  • University Honors Early Research Assistantships

Open to first, second and rising third year Honors students in all fields, these assistantships aim to offer undergraduate Honors students the opportunity to work as research/lab/production assistants with Northeastern faculty conducting cutting-edge research or creative endeavors.

The grants, which range between $500-1,000, will be distributed directly to faculty to offset eventual expenses incurred in involving Honors students into their work.Students may apply to other funding resources in conjunction with this grant, but will not be funded beyond the total proposed budget. Faculty mentors must approve all budgets in connection with the students’ proposed work/projects.

The University Honors Program will identify potential Faculty Partners before the start of fall, spring and summer terms. Faculty members may apply for an Honors Early Research/Creative Endeavor Assistant using this online form. Once the faculty application is approved, the Honors Program will communicate the available early research/creative endeavors opportunity to students. Honors students will then apply directly to faculty members, who will independently select the students among available candidates. Finally, faculty will communicate their decision to the Honors Program in order to receive the funds. The faculty member and their respective departments will directly administer the hiring process of the Honors Early Research/Creative Endeavor Assistant.

Honors students’ applications for these grants will be accepted three times during each academic year at the very beginning of the Fall, Spring and Summer – i.e. on September 1, January 1, and May 1. Faculty applications for an Honors Undergraduate Research/Creative Endeavor Assistant will be accepted at the beginning of each term as well. In addition to the online form, applications may typically include students’ unofficial transcript and a statement of interest in the Honors Early Research/Creative Endeavor Assistantship opportunity.

  • University Honors Travel Grant

Open to Honors students in all fields, these grants are designed to support travel and/or conference fee expenses in order to present their work at an appropriate professional venue in their respective fields.

The grant, which can go up to $ 500, will be assigned competitively based on the quality of the students’ proposals. The grant may be cumulated with other Northeastern travel awards received for the same purpose, provided that the total funds received do not exceed projected expenses.

In addition to the online form, applications must include an official acceptance by the proposed venue; an unofficial transcript; and a recommendation from the faculty who supervised the work to be presented.

University Honors Travel Grant proposals are accepted three times during each academic year – i.e. on September 1, January 1, and May 1.