The undergraduate program in History at Northeastern University challenges students to think critically about the past, inspires them to examine their perspectives on the present, and encourages them to intelligently shape the future. The History major is a highly mentored program where students work with research faculty to develop skills – questioning, reasoning, writing and presenting – that prepare them for careers in advertising, journalism, publishing and teaching. History majors also go on to graduate school in history, museum science, education, law school and business school. Many work in international fields.

Consistent with Northeastern’s dedication to experiential learning, we engage our students both in and outside of the classroom. History students conduct research in the United States, and abroad, building their arguments from primary sources, historians’ writings and appropriate theoretical literatures. Undergraduates are guided in their research interests, and many are awarded scholarships to further develop their ideas and present their work.

The History Department includes more than two dozen faculty whose expertise include:  the American Revolution; Cities in Africa; the History of Boston and New England; the Holocaust and Comparative Genocide; the History of Espionage; the Japanese Empire; the U.S. West; Dictatorships in East Asia; European Fascism; Empires in World History; History of Gender and Sexuality; the Vietnam Wars; African American History; Russian Civilization; and the History of Science and Technology. Many of our faculty sit on the editorial boards of major journals in their fields.