Graduate News

Spring 2014: Graduate student Stacy Fahrenthold published her article “Sound Minds in Sound Bodies: Transnational Philanthropy and Patriotic Masculinity in al-Nadi al-Homsi and Syrian Brazil, 1920-1932” in the International Journal for Middle East Studies. Please find the complete article on the following link:

Spring 2014: Graduate student Mikhail Rekun has been awarded a three-month fellowship from the American Research Center in Sofia to conduct research on his dissertation in Sofia this coming autumn.

Spring 2014: Graduate student Madison Flashenburg has been selected as a Fellow for the Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows Program for 2014. The program is a three-week study trip to Poland (to visit Krakow, Warsaw, Lódź, Treblinka, and Auschwitz) for students who are matriculated in graduate programs or are completing undergraduate degrees in 2014 in Holocaust studies and related fields. In Poland, the students will

Spring 2014: Graduate student Sana Tannoury Karam will be presenting her talk “A ‘Novel’ Lens: Using Literature to Write a History of the Global through the Local” at the 14th Annual Harvard Graduate Student Conference in International History, “Sources in International History” in March.

Spring 2014: Graduate student David DeCamp has been working on a digital history project entitled “Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive”, a community project hosted at Northeastern University. This project has won an award for Best Digital History Project for Public Audience from the Digital Humanities Awards.

Spring 2014: Graduate student Malcolm Purinton has been awarded the Alfred D. Chandler Travel Grant for the Business History Conference Annual Meeting he will be attending in March. He will be presenting his paper “A Golden Flood: The Spread of the Pilsner in the late Nineteenth Century” in a panel which he has organized, “Beer Migrations: Business, Technology, and Brewing”.

Spring 2014: Graduate student Malcolm Purinton has a forthcoming review of Jeffery W. Alexander, Brewed in Japan: The Evolution of the Japanese Beer Industry in Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture.

Spring 2014: Graduate student David DeCamp presented his work on a panel entitled “Digital Humanities from the Ground Up” in the MLA 2014 conference in Chicago this January.

Spring 2014: Graduate student Feruza Aripova will be presenting her paper “Estonia’s Singing Tradition: Cultural Identity and Political Mobilization” at the Yale Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies in March.

Spring 2014: Graduate student Akin Sefer has been awarded the prestigious American Research Center in Turkey fellowship to conduct dissertation research in Turkey next year

Spring 2014: Graduate student Regina Kazyulina has been awarded a Title VIII Advanced Research Fellowship grant from the American Councils for International Education for research on her dissertation in Ukraine and Russia.

Fall 2013: Graduate student Stacy Fahrenthold received a Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the 2013-2014 academic year for her dissertation: “The Global Levant: Making a Nation in the Syrian and Lebanese Diaspora”. Fahrenthold studies Syrian and Lebanese political culture in the American mahjar (diaspora) during the interwar period of the French Mandate. Tracing intellectual and activist networks between the Syrian and Lebanese communities in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and New York City, the project is the first of its kind to triangulate the Levant’s colonies abroad and analyze the transnational political culture they shared.

Fall 2013: Graduate Student Burleigh Hendrickson received a Mellon-Council for European Studies Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the 2013-2014 academic year for his dissertation: “Imperial Fragments and Transnational Activism: 1968(s) in Tunisia, France, and Senegal.” Taking the French empire as one transnational unit of analysis, Hendrickson’s research maps the social movements of 1968 activism in three different cities located in the former French empire; Tunis, Paris, and Dakar. His project focuses on how the university, an imperial fragment, is transformed over the course of 1968 into a postcolonial battleground between the youth and the state. By placing France’s May 1968 in a global comparison with other 1968s, his project attempts to “provincialize Europe” through a comparative and transnational analysis of the former French empire.

Fall 2013: Graduate student Stacy Fahrenthold’s article “Sound Minds in Sound Bodies: Patriotic Masculinity in Nadi Homsi and Syrian Brazil, 1920-1932”, has been accepted for publication in a special issue of International Journal of Middle East Studies, “Charity, Poverty, and the Politics of Benevolence in Middle Eastern and Islamic Histories.” (Forthcoming in 2014)

Fall 2013: Graduate student Ethan Hawkley’s article, “Im Netz europäischer Imperien – Ein Afrikaner auf den Spuren der spanischen Eroberer in Manila” (Entangled European Empires: An African’s Journey into the Spanish Conquest of Manila) was published in Südostasien, Vol. 29, No. 3 (2013), 49-52.

Fall 2013: Graduate student Akin Sefer’s article, “From Class Solidarity to Revolution: The Radicalization of Arsenal Workers in the Late Ottoman Empire”, has been accepted for publication in International Review of Social History, (forthcoming)

Summer 2013: Graduate Student Malcolm Purinton conducted research for his dissertation “Empire in a Bottle: How the Pilsner Lager Became the Imperial Beer, 1842-1930” on the spread of the Pilsner-style beer in the British Empire. Purinton conducted his research in London, England in the summer of 2013 with support from the Gillis Family Fund for Graduate World History Research.

Summer 2013: Graduate Student Matthew Williamson conducted research for his dissertation on John Jay and his British-American networks in post-revolutionary America, particularly the circumstances around the Jay Treaty of 1794. Williamson conducted his research in London, England in the summer of 2013 with the support from the Gillis Family Fund for Graduate World History Research.

Summer 2013: Graduate Student Sana Tannoury Karam conducted research for her dissertation on early communist thought in the Eastern Mediterranean during the interwar period. Tannoury Karam conducted her research in Beirut, Lebanon in the summer of 2013 with support from the Gillis Family Fund for Graduate World History Research.

Summer 2013: Graduate Student Abby Mullen presented her paper at the US Naval Academy Conference “From Enemies to Allies: An International Conference on the War of 1812 and its Aftermath” in Annapolis, MD in June. Her paper was titled Disobedience and Deception: Honorable Action in the War of 1812, part of a panel on honor and justice in the war.

Summer 2013: Graduate student Malcolm Purinton’s review of Michael A. LaCombe, Political Gastronomy: Food and Authority in the English Atlantic World has been published in The New England Quarterly, Vol. LXXXVI, No. 2, June 2013.

Fall 2012: Graduate Student Tara Dixon‘s chapter, “Hula:  Gyrations and Other Pacific Associations,” will appear in the forthcoming edited volume Travel, Tourism, and Transnational Transformation. Juliane Schwarz-Bierschenk and Andrea Zittlau (eds.). Regensburg, GE:  Universitat Regensburg.

Summer 2012: Graduate Student Regina Kazyulina conducted research for her dissertation on the lives of civilians under the German occupation of Ukraine during World War II in Kiev, Ukraine in the summer of 2012 with support from a Lucille R. Zanghi LA ’72 and James M. Dow LA ’72 Endowed History Fund, as well as a Gillis Family Fund for Graduate World Historical Research.

Spring 2012: Samantha Christiansen and Zachary A. Scarlett have edited a book entitled The Third World in the Global 1960s that will be published by Berghahn Books. This new book is set to be released by the end of 2012. More information is available here.

Fall 2011: Stacy Fahrenthold’s article “The Syrian and Lebanese American Federation: a Case for Connection” appeared in an edited volume entitled Connections and Ruptures: America and the Middle East. The volume is published by the American University of Beirut Press from papers presented at a 2010 Conference on American-Middle Eastern Connections, hosted by AUB’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR).

Spring 2011: Ross Newton’s article, “Honduran Logwood Merchants and Boston’s Christ Church” was accepted for publication in a special Issue of Early American Studies: “Forming Nations, Reforming Empires: Atlantic Politics in the ‘Long Eighteenth Century.”

Fall 2010: Burleigh Hendrickson received a Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Fellowship and a Social Science Research Council Fellowship for 2010-2011 for his dissertation, “Decolonizing 1968(s): Between Imperial Fragmentation and Enduring Connectivity.” He has also been the recipient of a Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) Fellowship. These awards will enable Burleigh to conduct research in Paris, Dakar, and Tunis. Burleigh is the fourth student in as many years to receive a Fulbright award for dissertation research.

Fall 2010: Zachary Scarlett was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for dissertation research in China for 2010-2011. Zachary studies the history of the Cultural Revolution and the construction of global narratives in the People’s Republic of China.